The myth of Planned Parenthood |

The myth of Planned Parenthood

There is a “nonprofit” organization in the United States that pays it’s CEO an annual salary of more than half a million dollars, that showed a $1.27 million surplus in the past year, and that spends an average of over $12,000 a day on travel.

This “nonprofit” organization also contributed almost $900,000 to politicians in the 2014 election cycle, actively lobbies state legislatures, registered 15,000 people to vote, and receives 41 percent (more than half a billion dollars) of its revenues from government grants and reimbursements.

Do these statistics reflect anyone’s definition of a nonprofit?

This organization is Planned Parenthood, which justifies its existence by claiming to provide women’s health-care services that would not otherwise be accessible.

Women’s access to health care is not in any way dependent upon the continued presence of Planned Parenthood. Let’s be honest — Planned Parenthood is a for-profit business.

Considering that there are less than 700 Planned Parenthood clinics and over 13,000 Community Health Centers nationwide, the notion that women would be unable to receive adequate health-care services without Planned Parenthood’s presence is absurd.

Every service offered by Planned Parenthood — except abortions — is available at lower or no-cost clinics throughout the country.

In regard to screening for breast cancer, Planned Parenthood facilities are not licensed to perform, nor do they have the equipment to perform mammograms.

Between 2011 and 2014 the number of manual breast exams they have provided has actually decreased by more than 23 percent.

And if a woman is actually looking for pre-natal care in order to deliver a healthy baby, well, she need not look to Planned Parenthood for assistance.

A staff member at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas actually told a patient, “We don’t have doctors for pregnant women.”

In its 2013/2014 annual report, Planned Parenthood admits to providing pre-natal care for 18,684 women and abortions for 327,653 women — that’s 94.3 percent of services for pregnant women to end a baby’s life and 5.7 percent to preserve it.

They also provided a miniscule 1,880 adoption referrals — approximately one half of one percent of the number of abortions performed.

Planned Parenthood’s administrators argue that they are receiving no federal taxpayer money to perform abortions, however through the expansion of Medicaid-funded abortions under the Affordable Care Act, abortions are being heavily subsidized by taxpayers, including Medi-Cal subsidies in California.

In 2010 the pro-abortion allies in Congress rammed through abortion funding in a way that bypasses the Hyde Amendment and circumvents normal channels, and has provided a whopping $9.5 billion to the abortion industry.

Is it no surprise that this so-called nonprofit business also contributes vast amounts of money to politicians?

Since 1990 to the present, the No. 1 recipient of these contributions has been Barack Obama, No. 3 is Hillary Clinton, and No. 8 is our very own California senator, Barbara Boxer.

It took three videos of Planned Parenthood doctors discussing the retailing of aborted baby parts before presidential candidate Clinton finally managed to say that she found the videos “disturbing.” Really?

In comparison, let’s talk about real nonprofits, like Grass Valley’s Living Well Medical Clinic, a truly “free” clinic that provides women’s health care, pregnancy testing, sonograms, STD and HIV testing, sex education, adoption referrals, and much more, absolutely free to their clients, and without one dime of taxpayer funding.

They do not receive federal or state tax dollars, nor do they receive Medicaid or Medi-Cal reimbursements. They provide vouchers to their thrift shop for items such as maternity clothes, baby clothes, furnishings, and diapers.

They provide pre-natal vitamins, as well as ongoing support. One thing they do not provide is abortions, nor do they contribute vast amounts of money to political campaigns.

Other local nonprofit clinics which provide quality low-cost health care for men, women, and children include Western Sierra Medical Clinic and Chapa-De.

Women’s access to health care is not in any way dependent upon the continued presence of Planned Parenthood.

Let’s be honest — Planned Parenthood is a for-profit business.

Since its founding by Margaret Sanger, a strong supporter of eugenics who openly professed that her primary goal was to limit the growth of the black population, they have been the largest provider of abortions in the nation.

Women can readily avail themselves of free or low-cost health care at any of the 13,000 other Community Health Centers in this country.

While county health departments are having their budgets slashed, if our government truly wants to support women’s health care and pre-natal services, then supporting these community clinics would be a much more effective use of the half a billion dollars currently given to Planned Parenthood.

Terry McLaughlin lives in Nevada City.

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