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Terry Robinson: Who is CABPRO these days?

After reading articles about CABPRO opposing Measure W, the marijuana measure, I wondered, “Who is CABPRO?”

CABPRO got its start years ago in part to help combat Natural Heritage 2020, (NH 2020), a plan cooked up with the help of the then far left, 4 of the 5 Board of Supervisors (BOS), The Gang of 4. This type of plan is frequently referred to as a UN “Local agenda 21.” County residents demanded to have a vote on NH2020 but the Gang of 4 ignored them. Subsequently two of the Gang of 4 were defeated at the ballot box and the other two did not run for re-election.

I was a member and supporter of CABPRO for many years. I knew many/most of the regular members, some being former and then current elected officials. With the defeat of NH2020 and the Gang of 4, CABPRO suffered to stay afloat and gradually crumbled and fell apart, I left during this process a few years ago wondering why they still existed.

So who/what is CABPRO today? I didn’t know, I couldn’t find anyone I knew who was still a member. So I checked around with some former members and it appears that CABPRO is only a website run by Jean Gerard, I never met Gerard and can’t find anyone who knows her. Is anyone else involved with CABPRO today? Or is Gerard pretending to be a formerly respected organization?

I reviewed CABPRO’s website which was nearly totally devoted in boiling every perceived government intrusion as a grand Agenda 21 conspiracy.

Now we have marijuana as a huge issue here in Nevada County as well as California and the U.S. Why is CABPRO trying to defeat Measure W? Your guess is as good as mine. I do commend the board of supervisors for putting the issue on the ballot so county residents can have a say on whether they want more or less marijuana in their community.

Terry Robinson lives in Nevada City.

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