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Tees Moving Back to Former Placement

Jim Quintal, Chairman
LWW Golf Committee

You may have read the article in the last TWI about the new World Handicap System. That was my rant about what the USGA was doing to us with their new system that is supposed to make our handicaps travel on a Worldwide basis.

Besides TWI, NCGA, the USGA, and Golf Magazine. Apparently, I was not the only one offering resistance to USGA’s folly. I received an immediate response from NCGA (and USGA); that they would be reviewing our course based on some renewed guidelines.

Subsequently I’ve been informed that par for all tees at our course are back to where they were prior to Jan. 1. All men’s and women’s tees are Par 72, with the exception of the Pine Course for Women. It remains as Par 74. All other features of the new WHS remain in place. I also want to point out that the “short tees” that were implemented last year on the Front Nine have taken a new look. Instead of the orange markers that were previously difficult to find, we now have new yellow ones. We have also expanded the course to cover both the Front and Back nine. Ask the Pro Shop for a special scorecard for the Short Course.

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