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Tee Talk — Congratulations, Ladies!

By Shari Davis

Karen Price reports that she was one of the nine Lake Wildwood ladies who played Winchester Country Club at their open day. It was a beautiful day and the course was in great shape. Mo won closest to the pin; Karen says she thinks she also won in her flight. Nita won her flight, as did Penelope. Sandy Twohig placed in her flight, either second or third, Karen thinks. The Lake Wildwood contingent did pretty good! Congratulations, ladies!
The course was closed on Thursday, Sept. 13, so no results for that day.
On Sept. 20 we played a little game of Tee to Green. Your score was the number of shots it took you to reach the green — with a couple of chances for improvements. If you one putted or chipped in, you got to subtract one from your score. It was not reflected on the scorecard, but you were given half of your handicap for this game. This was not a postable score and did not count toward the Eclectic Tournament.
Congratulations to the gals that had special accomplishments:
Nita Edwards had a nice chip-in on Hole #8.
Karen Price had natural birdies on two holes. On a par 3 (#11) she was on in one, really close, and one-putted for a natural birdie two. Her score on that hole was a zero because she subtracted the one-putt from her tee-to-green score. On a par 4, (#14) she was on the green in two. She one-putted, which gave her a natural birdie three. Her score was a one because she subtracted the one-putt from the tee-to-green score. Karen was also the Low Net of the Day. Good golfing, Karen!
First Place, Karen Price, Gross 40 -0=40 ½ H.C.=4 Net 36 Low Net; Second Place, Penelope Crumpley, Gross 50 -5=45 ½ H.C.=7 Net 38; Third Place, Shari Davis, Gross 67-9=58 ½ H.C.=12.5 Net 45.5; Fourth Place, Chris Fridman, Gross 59-2=57 ½ H.C.=10.5 Net 46.5; Fifth Place, Gayle Liljeblad, Gross 59-0=59 ½ H.C.=11.5 Net 47.5*; Sixth Place, Maddie Graham, Gross 70-8=62 ½ H.C.=14.5 Net 47.5.*
*Ties broken using back nine method for bragging rights.
The Eclectic Tournament ended Sept. 30. Hope you turned in your EC card. I will have the results in the next article.
I will have the results from Sept. 27 in my next article as well, due to the deadline date of this article. I will also have results from the Swing for the Cure held on Oct. 4.
The Queen Bee will be starting on Oct. 11. Have a great time!
Ladies, if you are a resident of Lake Wildwood and love to play 18 holes of golf, we would love to have you join us. We play on Thursday mornings at 8:30. For more information on how you can join a wonderful group of ladies to have fun and play golf, contact our Membership chair, Patricia Stein, at 432-3177. Hope to see you out there!
Thank you to Bill Hamilton and his crew for getting the course back to great shape so quickly after aeration.
My next article is due on Oct. 10. Please have any Club-related info to me before that date to ensure that they can be included in my next article. Have fun and I will see you out on the course.


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