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Tee Talk

By Shari Davis


On July 24 Kay Gilbert broke 90 with a very nice 85! Way to go, Kay! Now, you just have to do it on Thursday so we can pay you and get you a nice Break pin. I know it won’t be long now!
Trish Willard broke 90 on Aug. 2 during Team Play with a nice 82! Nice going, Trish! Unfortunately, Hole #8 was closed and we had to use par plus pops on the hole. The rules say we have to play all 18 holes; no picking up or temp greens. I am sure you would have still broken 90, and I am sure you will do it again soon.
Can’t wait to be able to give both of you your pins!
Aug. 2 was Team Play here at Lake Wildwood. Our ladies did a great job and finished in First Place for the day, putting us in fourth place overall for the season so far.
Also, on Aug. 2 was our fifth round of the WGANC Pendant race. We played Low Net from the Pine Tees. For those of you that were in Team Play, your handicaps were adjusted from the Green Tees.
There were a bunch of special awards. Trish Willard had the Low Net for the day, with a nice Net 62. Good golfing, ladies!
Betsy Szyper had a nice eagle on Hole #14! Cheers!
Chip-ins: Marie Wemple on #7, Sandy Twohig on #12, Kathleen Galbo on #2, Joyce Maddox on #12, Marilyn Baca on #13; and Karen Hisken on #4.
Birdies: Nina Quintal on #1; Terri Mesple on #3; Karen Price on #1, #2 and #11; Patti Egge on #4; and Kay Gilbert on #2.
Mo Mazzocco had birdies on #1 and #2 and a chip-in on #2. Trish Willard had birdies on #7 and #15 and a chip-in on #7.
Fantastic golfing, ladies!
The results of the Tournament are:
Flight 1: First Place, Trish Willard, Gross 82, Handicap 20, Net 62; Second Place, Penelope Crumpley, Gross 81, Handicap, 15 Net 66*; Third Place, Patti Egge, Gross 83, Handicap 17, Net 66*.
Flight 2: First Place, Connie Berg, Gross 90, Handicap 25, Net 65; Second Place, Betsy Szyper, Gross 93, Handicap 25, Net 68; Third Place, Marilyn Baca, Gross 93, Handicap 24, Net 69.
Flight 3: First Place, Joyce Maddox, Gross 100, Handicap 32, Net 68; Second Place, Patricia O’Toole, Gross 99, Handicap 28, Net 71; Third Place, Marie Wemple, Gross 105, Handicap 30, Net 75.
Flight 4: First Place, Carol Plette, Gross 99, Handicap 33, Net 66*; Second Place, Nita Edwards, Gross 100, Handicap 34, Net 66*; Third Place, Karen Hisken, Gross 104, Handicap 34, Net 70.
*Ties broken using the back nine method.
The first round of the Women’s Club Championship was played on Aug. 9 and will finish up on the 16th. Good luck to all of the contestants! I will have the results in my next article.
If you live in Lake Wildwood, love to play 18-holes of golf and want to meet some fun ladies, come on out and join us! We play on Thursday mornings at 8:30 am. Contact Patricia Stein for membership information at 432-3177.
My next article is due on Aug. 29. If you have some Club-related fun facts you would like to share, please be sure to get it to me before that date to be sure that I can include it in this article. Until then, have fun, enjoy the cooler weather and I will see you on the course.

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