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Swinging to Cure Cancer

Tee Talk

A big thank you to all of you that participated in the Swing for the Cure Tournament and donated to help cure Cancer. At the close of the Tournament a whopping donation of a bit over $9000 had been collected. Candy Pray, Chairman of the committee that put on the Tournament, announced the amount at our October Lunch Meeting and asked if we could maybe open our wallets to round out the number to $10,000. By the end of the meeting, the total had reached just over $10,300! Amazing!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Chris Fridman announced the winners of the Eclectic Tournament, which ran from May through September, at our October meeting. They were:
First Flight
First Place Trish Willard Gross 64 avg H.C. 24 Net 40
Second Place Betty Moyles Gross 62 avg. H.C. 17 Net 45
Third Place Kay Gilbert Gross 71 avg. H.C. 24.8 Net 46.2
Second Flight
First Place Connie Berg Gross 70 avg H.C. 27 Net 43
Second Place Sandy Twohig Gross 71 avg H.C. 27.4 Net 43.6*
Third Place Marilyn Baca Gross 70 avg. H.C. 26.4 Net 43.6*
Third Flight
First Place Patricia O’Toole Gross 74 avg. H.C. 29.4 Net 44.6
Second Place Shari Davis Gross 75 avg H.C. 29.6 Net 45.4
Third Place Nancy Venable Gross 74 avg. H.C. 28.2 Net 45.8
Fourth Flight
First Place Nita Edwards Gross 75 avg, H.C. 36.8 Net 38.2
Second Place Diane Brewster Gross 74 avg. H.C. Net 40.8
Third Place Patricia Stein Gross 75 avg. H.C. 34 Net 41
*Ties broken using the back nine method
October 11th and 18th was our Queen Bee Tournament. Thank you to Dottie Teague and Wanda Oppenheim for doing a wonderful job of chairing this Tournament. There was a swarm of potential Bees flitting around the course hoping to become the Queens for this year. We played in two-person teams, the first week was a combined net ball format and the second week was one best net ball format. Our Queen Bees for 2018 are:
Karen Price and Marilyn Baca with a combined two-day score of 195. Congratulations for playing a great Tournament.
The Flight winners will be announced at the November 8th Breakfast Meeting so be sure to attend to find out the winners.
There were several ladies that had special accomplishments during the Queen Bee Tournament and here they are:
On October 11th:
Nina Quintal Birdie Hole #16
Marilyn Baca Chip-in Hole #12
Karen Price Birdies Hole #’s 5, 13 &15
Sandy Turzak Birdie and Chip-in Hole #11
Gayle Liljeblad Birdie Hole #11
Nita Edwards Chip-in Hole #7
Trish Willard Birdie Hole #2
Dona Mahoney Birdie and Chip-in Hole #3
Dianna Mortara Birdie Hole #11
Judy Armstrong-Reilly Birdie Hole #11
Linda Thode Birdie Hole #16
M.J. Brusher Birdie and Chip-in Hole #4
Karen Broadbent Birdie Hole #14
Betsy Szyper Birdies holes 2 and 11
Betty Moyles Chip-in Hole #18
October 18th:
Nina Quintal Birdie Hole #16
Karen Price Birdies and Chip-ins Holes 14 and 15
Marilyn Baca Chip-in hole #14
MJ Brusher Birdie Chip-in Hole #11
Trish Willard Chip-in Hole #4
Mo Mazzocco Chip-in Hole #14
Dottie Teague Chip-in Hole #5
Claudia Archer Birdies Holes 9 and 12
Orene Sanders Birdie Hole #11
Gayle Liljeblad Birdie and Chip-in Hole #2
Congratulations to all of you!

If you are a resident of Lake Wildwood and like to play 18 holes of golf, would like to meet a great group of ladies and join a terrific Club, please consider joining us. We would love to meet you and have you come out and play. We play on Thursday mornings. Our Membership Chair is Patricia Stein and she would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding our club. She can be reached at 432-3177.
My next article is due on November 7th. Please have your Club related info to me by that date to ensure that I can include it in my next article. Until then, I will see you on the course! — Shari Davis

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