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Sweaters and Jackets. Autumn is on the way

August 16, 2018
The season is definitely changing toward autumn. There are leaves falling from trees and we had our first sweater morning. Even though the days are hot, the night temperatures are slowly dropping. With this change, new challenges and priorities move to the forefront. We’ve been laying sod on some of the most damaged collars and surrounds to establish turf before the soil cools off and turf rooting ceases.
The collars as a whole are a tough area to keep healthy during the extremes of summer. There is so much traffic on the collars from maintenance staff turning greens mowers, and then the fairway mowers make the same passes as they mow around the greens. I believe that the new surrounds on holes 4, 5, 6, and 11 are holding up remarkably well.
If you saw the PGA championship last week, you might have noticed that golf course had recently re-sodded all of their collars prior to the event. It is a universal and ongoing golf maintenance headache.
Mark your calendars! The fall aeration of putting greens and fairways is coming soon to a golf course near you. This year’s exciting event will take place on Sept. 11–13. The aerification of tee boxes will begin in the coming week. We can aerate the tees during regular play and not significantly affect your game. We’ll move the markers to accommodate play and still get the job done. Typically we’ll do a few tees per day and have all of them done before Labor Day. Thanks for your cooperation as usual, and we’re looking forward to our favorite season in Penn Valley. Fall.

August 23
R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me. Respect is a positive feeling or action shown towards someone or something considered important. Do we feel that way toward our golf course and parks? It’s hard to keep and maintain something nice when a faction of your customers don’t hold the same positive feeling, or just don’t care. That’s when the Rodney Dangerfield response takes hold, “no respect.”
Lately, there has been a noticeable misuse of facilities and disregard to established rules. There are written rules in the bylaws that state specifically under the provision of Course Care the following items:
• Littering, including cigarette butts, is strictly forbidden.
• There shall be no practicing on the golf course, including hitting more than one ball.
• Golfers shall repair their ball marks and replace, or sand, their divots.
• Parking of golf carts shall be 30 yards or more from the putting greens.
• In the parks, fishing debris is blatantly left behind to the dismay of fellow residents. Discarded fishing line entangles boat motors and the spindles on our mowers. Metallic tackle can injure people and animals.
In general, rules replace the decision process. If a person knows the rules, then that person knows exactly what to do. But, smokers still leave their butts on the ground. Golfers are practicing with multiple balls on the golf course. Golfers go out early before shotgun starts and practice on the greens. Golfers hit practice balls from #18 tee down to #10 green and flagrantly leave the ball marks unrepaired. Unfilled divots are rampant.
Maybe the official Lake Wildwood rules should be changed to permit all these activities as acceptable and we’ll move forward as is. If the rules are not changed, and left in place, then everyone now knows exactly what to do.——William F Hamilton, CGCS, Director of Agronomy
Lake Wildwood

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