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Stop the coverage

Days now and I can’t get the news. Nonstop “who is us” reporting. I picture the millions sitting at home wringing their hands in despair. This morning a report verging on helpful … A woman worried about her 13-year-old boy who scares her with his mental problems that no one can seem to help.

Will he be the next shooter, she asks? The reporter introduces the story with, “Continuing with our (unending) coverage of the unspeakable tragedy …”

Well, there’s an answer. Stop the coverage. Can you just see all of the copycat “schizos” glued to their sets and computers reading this stuff and plotting?

My answer, a responsible press that reports in simple small headlines, “This week, 180 people killed in car crashes and 20 kids in schools.” Not such a big deal this way. Not a restriction of freedom of the press, just common sense. Think of it as a potential weirdo watching TV, searching the Internet: non-stop ads for assault weapons, violent video games and TV shows, news about mass killings.

And these things don’t affect the would-be killers and terrorists?

First step: Make it criminal to be politically correct, admit to the real causes and control this stuff in the media. Next, take out the lobbyists who insist assault rifles are needed by kids doing target practice in their backyard. Tell the shoot-’em, kill-’em video game outfits to get a life. Then take some of Obama’s misspent food stamp entitlements and apply it to mental health care for those in need, be it rich or homeless. We used to have homes for those mentally disadvantaged.

Bruce Rayner lives in Nevada City.

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