Stonegate Security to Host Community Meeting |

Stonegate Security to Host Community Meeting

John Ewald

Pete Newell, Security Supervisor, reported that the holidays had been relatively quiet in respect to law enforcement or safety concerns at Lake Wildwood. There were two vehicle incidents. One involving a close call with a bicyclist nearly being hit by a car, which had apparently made a poor stop at a stop sign. A second incident involved a motorist who drove head-on into the Fair Oaks Gate, causing damage but no known injuries. The motorist then fled the scene, but left behind some damaged vehicle parts. This incident is being investigated by the CHP as a hit and run.

Newell reported that the process of installing and testing the new security software (gate access) is proceeding as they attempt to work out bugs and to get the new system working. He noted Stonegate Security has had a recent turnover among their Lake Wildwood staff.

Stonegate Security is hosting a community meeting on Thursday January 23, at 6:00 PM in the Lake Room at the Community Center. Newell invites all to attend.

PSC chairman Gene Vander Plaats reported that Keith Franklin, consulting traffic engineer, has been identifying intersections with visibility hazards and pedestrian safety concerns. Intersection safety is a priority of the LW Board. The engineer’s report will identify where vegetation trimming or removal needs to occur, as well as other measures that could be taken to make our intersections safer.

LWA General Manager Bryan Cox has agreed to send letters to homeowners regarding their property at these intersections. Several homeowners have already been contacted by the Public Works Department. Residents who have property near or at these intersections will be asked to prune back or remove the vegetation that may impede visibility or affect pedestrian safety.

Barbara Tiegs, chairperson of the Fire Risk Reduction Working Group, reported on what the group is doing. The registered forester hired by LWA is continuing to compile GIS data to complete the Community Wildfire Prevention Plan. This plan is essential to make our community safe and continue to be designated a Fire Wise Community. Tiegs said the Working Group is also looking for additional ways to encourage the forming of neighborhood groups.

The Public Safety Committee meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 3:00 pm in the Dogwood Room at the Community Center. The next meeting will be February 13th.   All Lake Wildwood residents are invited to attend.

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