SPORTS: Wildwood Niners — Wallace ‘Eagles” It! |

SPORTS: Wildwood Niners — Wallace ‘Eagles” It!

By Joan Bachus


Our annual Captain’s Trophy will begin on Tuesday, Sept. 25, and conclude on Oct. 2. Captain Cyndi Yano would like to have you call her today if you have not already signed up to play.
Also remember our Fall Dinner Dance, “Dance to the Music,” is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 16. There is still time to get a reservation form from the Pro Shop if you did not bring yours to our Sept. 18 general meeting. Tickets for dinner and dancing are $55 per person. If you have questions, call Linda Thies (432-7878) or Ali McKeon (432-0887).
Niners again proved themselves to be very resilient. Many of them managed to post some great scores and achievements on the golf course during the hot “dog days” of August. During August play, Caryll Fairfull chipped-in on #6 and Linda Campbell on #3. Sara Peterson chipped in twice, once on #11 and once on #13, and both happened on Aug. 14. Debbie Wallace really chipped her ball in on Aug. 7 — she did it for an eagle!
The August Break Net scores are also very impressive:
Pat Paulo 35 (Aug. 7), 34 (Aug. 14) and 29 (Aug. 28); Nita Edwards 34 (Aug. 7) and 35 (Aug. 28); Julie Stansbury 34 (Aug. 7); Ali McKeon 34 (Aug. 7); Rose Frazier-Hart 32 (Aug. 7), 34 (Aug. 14) and 34 (Aug. 28); Debbie Wallace 35 (Aug. 7); Gail Murphey 35 (Aug. 7); Claire Short 35 (Aug. 7) and 35 (Aug. 28); Sue Carroll 35 (Aug. 7); Ginny Kirkley 34 (Aug. 7) and 34 (Aug. 28); Deborah Stein 35 (Aug. 7) and 32 (Aug. 28); Doris Heisler 35 (Aug. 7), 31 (Aug. 14) and 35 (Aug. 28); Patti Haney 35 (Aug. 14); Nancy Black 35 (Aug. 14) and 29 (Aug. 28); Kerri Julian 31 (Aug. 14); Betty Moyles 31 (Aug. 28); Judy Armstrong-Reilly 34 (Aug. 28); Terry Scalisi 32 (Aug. 28); and Pat Hall 33 (Aug. 28).
August Break 50 scores were posted by Betty Moyles with a 44 on the 14th and 39 on the 20th. Nancy Black posted a 46 on the 28th.
The August Monthly low score was a tie of 29 each between Nancy Black and Pat Paulo.
Congratulations to all of these outstanding Niners!
The next TWI is scheduled for publication on Oct. 5. Please send me information you wish to be printed by Sept. 23.

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