Simplest Ways to Avoid Becoming a Victim |

Simplest Ways to Avoid Becoming a Victim

LWA Official News
Pete Newell, Supervisor
Stonegate Security

Your Security Department is hiring! You could work here in the community in a job that matters. Contact Pete Newell at the security office or call 432-1209 for more information.

Ready or not the holidays have arrived and we would like to offer some thoughts on seasonal security.

While in the sense of statistics our losses have always been very light we do have occasional problems with “Porch Pirates” where delivered packages are stolen from the front of homes.

The simplest way to avoid becoming a victim is to have packages shipped to your work or to an address where someone will be home. When that is not possible the next line of defense is to have packages left somewhere that they are not visible from the street.

Consider giving your shippers specific instructions so that the items are left out of sight. Here is an article with some additional tips:

We also want to ask that LWA residents report thefts, incidents, and suspicious events to Security right away. We can’t help if we don’t know!

Security has now completed training and certification of all our patrol officers in both CPR and AED (defibrillator) use.

We are happy to add these lifesaving skills to our abilities in serving the community.

Late Tuesday night (Nov 13 at 1:30 AM) a vehicle collided with a power pole on Pleasant Valley Road just north of the Main Gate. The pole was knocked down and part of the south end of the Community was without power for a few hours. Inside the Community we had no reports of serious problems.

On Monday afternoon, (Nov 18 4:00 PM) there was a structure fire on Explorer Drive. The fire did significant damage to the house but no one was home at the time and no injuries were reported.

The Fire Department response was fast and we had additional help from Rough and Ready and Grass Valley Fire Departments. The fire was brought under control with no extension to vegetation or adjoining homes. There was little if any wind at the time, something for which we were grateful.

A fairly routine story to highlight some good work by our gate and patrol officers: A non-resident teenager with several friends in the community found himself receiving his third speeding violation this year, a whopping 45 MPH on our 25 MPH roadways.

We further found that he had obtained a friend’s security ID number and used it to gain access to the community falsely.

The good news is that because of the knowledge our officers have of the community, we were able to figure this out and will be applying the substantial fines to the parents of the teen. We were further able to contact several families, whose teens know this non-resident, and they have pledged to help prevent future access by this young man.

Some statistics for the month of November:

28 Notices of violation issued for speeding

12 Investigations of HOA rule violations

14 Complaints of barking dogs of which 3 resulted in violation notices

17 Complaints of loose dogs of which 2 resulted in violation notices

17 Reports of suspicious circumstances

15 Parking violations

12 Assists with medical calls

10 Public assists

3 Assistances to the Sheriff’s Office

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