Seven of 24 Grab Aces in Latest Joust |

Seven of 24 Grab Aces in Latest Joust

Ima Putterpal

This is going to be a very short Putter column, since it won’t appear in print until the Oct. 4 issue of TWI — that is the way deadlines work.

On Sept. 19, 24 players participated and had a wonderful time. Aces were very popular. Kristie Haney, Nancy Dorfmeir, Lois Dahl, Babsie Bostic, Kathy Hendricks, Betty Foley and Jackie Sponsler all shot one ace for Fourth Place.

Two aces, for Third Place, were scored by Kathy McLendon, Cherie Mayfield, Janet Lalli, Jan Larson, Dianne Riel, Arlene O’Connor, Nicole Barbara, Carol Campbell, Susan Dean, Irmgard Boies and Peggy Griffin.

Patty Haney did not share Second Place with anyone when she shot three aces.

Finally, First Place was shared by Rose Frazier-Hart, Rita Texeira and Arlene Thelen when they each shot four aces.

When it came to the putting tournament, three players shared First Place, with scores of 35. They were Dianne Riel, Jackie Sponsler and Arlene Thelen. Second Place, with scores of 36, was shared by Rose Frazier-Hart and Jan Larson. Third Place, with scores of 37, were recorded by Rita Texeira and Irmgard Boies.

Congratulation to all of these members.

The Nov. 1 issue of TWI should have the record of our remaining play day winners and information regarding our Oct. 10 final day celebration for 2019. Please don’t miss that!

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