Security Gets Some Bull … Horns |

Security Gets Some Bull … Horns

Bob Mariani
General Manager

Bullhorns for Evacuation Assistance: In 2017 Security and Public Works Department staff did all they could to notify residents of an evacuation.

One missing bit of equipment at that time were bullhorns that Staff could use to belt out a loud message to you.

That issue has been resolved as two bullhorns have been purchased that will be used in case of an evacuation or other emergency situations.

These devices have a 900-footrange and have talk/siren/whistle modes for different circumstances that may arise. Keep in mind that this is just one way to be notified of an evacuation, fire threat,or other emergency situation.

That doesn’t negate the need to sign up for Code Red and be prepared in every other way possible.

GM Search: The search for a new General Manager is going very well. As I believe has been noted previously, several very qualified candidates submitted their resumes. Of these applicants, the top tier had phone interviews, and the final four had on-site interviews that included meetings with the Board, several Managers,and a tour of the Community.

These interviews resulted in an offer and I’m pleased to report an acceptance. The acceptance is contingent on a thorough background check. Once the background check is complete there will be a formal announcement of the new GM.

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