Search Continues for New GM |

Search Continues for New GM

Bob Mariani

New Board Members: Congratulations to our new Board Members Caryl Fairfull, Michael Selby,and Randy Smith. All of these new Board Members have been active in the Community and have taken the entire series of classes offered by the Association to prepare them for the Board. As a result of their preparation, I am confident that LWA will have three new Board Members who truly understand their fiduciaryduties and will be able to hit the pavement running.

GM Search: The search for a new General Manager is going very well. Several applications were received from qualified applicants. After careful review of the resumes, eight candidates were selected forphone interviews. Of those eight, four have been invited for on-site interviews that will take place next week and the week after. Unless all of these candidates prove to be a disappointment, which is highly unlikely, I expect the Board will make an offerto the selected candidate. During this process, references will be checked and of course an in-depth background check will be conducted on the successful candidate. The desire is to have someone in place or at least have the successful candidate be able to spend a few days working with me before my last planned day on September 20.

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