Ruth Brown: Follow the money |

Ruth Brown: Follow the money

I have been reading and seeing all the no signs, banners and posters on “W” and as the old saying goes, follow the money.

I will vote for it for the following reasons: First, I didn’t move from L.A. smog to Nevada County to smell skunk every day so that someone can make thousands of dollars. I want clean, fresh air.

Second, I resent the fact that wildlife is being killed because it is disturbing a “grow.” I say let the animals live and kill the weed.

Third, I am afraid of the hazardous waste. There goes my well water. Also, I could lose my well water anyway for the draw the grows will need. Fourth, how about 24/7 lighting so that their plants can keep growing all day and all night. I can go back to L.A. and get that without the skunk smell. But my night sky is gone thanks to someone else making thousands of dollars.

Fifth, how about some 6 foot fencing all around the property so that no one can share in their thousands of dollars crop? I love the view of trees not dead wood.

I am actually most concerned about who will be taking over running the county with the amount of money they will have should W lose. It’s tough enough now without giving them a free pass and I believe that the board of supervisors will be more a Board of Growers. The influx of out-of-the-area growers will overwhelm the county.

I hope I am part of the silent majority and refuse to be pushed around by some materialistic, rather than altruistic, individuals. Should W not pass, I hope the county and cities have a business license for all growers beginning at $15,000 on up (depending on size) which will be put into a special fund for law enforcement, hazardous waste, water loss and environmental damage. Think carefully and follow the money.

Ruth Brown lives in Nevada City.

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