Roy Crain: Madder than hell, and apparently no one cares |

Roy Crain: Madder than hell, and apparently no one cares

I am madder than hell and I don’t know what to do about it, as no one seems to care!

I am 91 years old, lived through the big depression, flew in three wars, owned and ran three real estate offices, built a shopping center and, at one time thought I knew how things worked.

Today, I am confused as to why do we, as a country, do so many stupid things, such as:

— We live in a government that is controlled by big business; I call it legalized bribery. To get elected to any worthwhile office, it takes big money, even though the position may only pay $150,000 a year — and all you can steal. To get the big money you have to get it from those who have it, big business. They put up the money, but want things in return. You take it and you now belong to them, and do as they wish. So who controls our government? Not our president, as he just plays the game. Why do we allow this legalized bribery?

I am a United States Air Force retired lieutenant colonel, who flew in three wars. I have done my part. Do yours, and turn things around. Do something!

— My son-in-law passed away recently and all I want to do is take him off of my checking account, and put my granddaughter in his place. It should be a simple change, but nothing is simple anymore. It is my money and if I want her to be on the account, I should be able to make my wishes known in writing. No way, they need her there, in person, for what reason no one seems to know. What if she lived on the East Coast?

— I tried to call a local number on my phone, but half the time was told I need to dial a one first. I did, but then got nothing. Then I tried to call the number using my area code first and was told this is not long distance, so I am stuck in getting my call through. In desperation, I try my area code first again and get through to the local number. Why? I don’t know, nor does anyone else it seems. I have tried and tried and no one seems to know who is in charge to correct the problem. The last call I made to the telephone company ended up in the Philippines and this has been going on for more than a year. No one knows who is in charge and no one seems to care! Do you? Please let me know, or find out for me, please!

— We are in a very poor economy and we need good-paying jobs badly, but where has our president been spending years of his time? It’s on a medical program that takes thousands of pages to explain. We should be able to put together a simple-to-understand program in 20 pages or less. What’s that saying? Keep it simple stupid?

— We now have so many government regulations, government controls, costs, plus high union costs, that the Alta Sierra, Lake of the Pines and Lake Wildwood developments would never have been built, never even started today. If you can’t make money, why invest? Why do anything? With the new restrictions we have we could never have built these beautiful subdivisions. We should do away with all of the added regulations, restrictions and costs put into being during the last 40 plus years; they do nothing but suffocate investment and progress. We surely can’t compete with the rest of the world that has no such restrictions. Our jobs have gone or are going to those countries! Where has common sense gone?

— How about our more than 17 trillion dollar debt? We need a smart businessman with plenty of money, so he can’t be bought and has leadership ability and guts.

My vote is for Donald Trump for president! Government spending has to come to a stop and the budget balanced. We truly need a leader, not another politician.

I am a United States Air Force retired lieutenant colonel, who flew in three wars. I have done my part.

Do yours, and turn things around. Do something!

Roy Crain lives in Alta Sierra.

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