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Rita Texeira Shoots Five Aces!

Ima Putterpal

Our 2019 putting season will be ending with our last meeting on Oct. 10. That will be a very special meeting since it will include our normal tournament schedule. It will also include special prizes for outstanding play during our entire playing season.

That meeting should also include announcements about our schedule for the 2020 season beginning the first Thursday of May 2020. The Putters board for 2020 will hopefully be announced that day. All of that will be topped off with a party to celebrate the end of our 2019 season.

I began with all of that information so you would immediately grab your calendars and mark Oct. 10 as the day you don’t want to miss because it is the last one of 2019.

I also want to remind you that due to having no meeting on Sept. 12 ( aeration) and Oct. 3 (due to the very special “Swing for the Cure” tournament), this column will share all the last meeting information in the Nov. 1 TWI.

Now, I think I can get around to reviewing the most recent days we have had together. The Aug. 29 meeting had 24 players in attendance. That day Rita Texeira shot five aces! Susan Dean and Linda Brown each scored four aces. Irmgard Boies had three aces to her credit. Patti Haney and Kathy Hendricks both had two aces. Eight players shot one ace apiece. Those players included Arlene Thelen, Kathy McLendon, Cherie Mayfield, Betty Foley, Ann Marie Hille, Cathy Jones, Kristi Haney and Joan Bachus.

In the putting tournament Rita Texeira scored a 33 to win First Place. Second Place belonged entirely to Susan Dean, who shot a 34. A score of 36 made Irmgard Boies the Third Place winner.

Nineteen players competed on Sept. 5. First Place in aces was shared by Irmgard Boies and Nancy Dorfmeir, who both shot three. Second Place, with two aces each, went to Rita Texeira, Patti Haney, Cathy Jones, Carol Campbell and Betty Foley. Shooting one ace each gave third place to Judy Rutzler, Jan Larson, Joan Bachus, Lois Dahl, Susan Dean and Rose Frazier-Hart.

First Place in the weekly tournament was shared between Rita Texeira, Irmgard Boies and Rose Frazier-Hart, who all scored 37.

Second Place was shared, with scores of 38, by Susan Dean, Cathy Jones and Patti Haney. Third Place went to two members, Lois Dahl and Jan Larson, who both shot 39.

Congratulations to all of our members for doing such an outstanding job!

The next TWI will be published on Sept. 20, but due golf course aeration our Sept. 19 and 26 information will not be printed until the Oct. 4 edition.

Be sure to read any emails that might be sent out to members regarding upcoming events.

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