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Rick Robins: This is not Serbia — vote no on W

The real reason to vote no on W is that it does not represent the type of community Nevada County is. We are a generous, caring and friendly people. We do not reject and seek to expel (cleanse?) members of our community who are different from us.

I have heard third hand that both Hank Weston and Dan Miller have told people that “if they don’t like Measure W, move out of the county.” If accurate, this is appalling and they should be ashamed.

I do not use or grow marijuana. But, in the 20-plus years I have lived here, I have done business with and have formed friendships with people who do both. In my experience, they have all been upstanding citizens who simply choose to live their life in a particular way without imposing their preferences on others. In other words, people we should welcome in our community. This is particularly true of those who are medical marijuana users who, while they may proselytize because they believe it has benefited them or their family members, have always respected contrary choices.

Apparently, the same cannot be said of our sheriff and board of supervisors.

As I said, I have lived here for over 20 years and that has included residences in North San Juan, Penn Valley and Alta Sierra. In none of those have I been impacted in any negative way by growers or users. Rather, I have felt so at home in those communities that I have little interest in traveling outside the county. Yet, each of these communities have significant, largely invisible populations of marijuana users or growers. They have contributed to making this county the wonderful place it is. Rejecting them by passing Measure W is against who we are, not to mention fighting the tide of history and rejecting the economic benefits marijuana has brought to our county.

Vote no on Measure W.

Rick Robins lives in Grass Valley.

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