Richard Cristdahl: Cellular phone towers impact property values |

Richard Cristdahl: Cellular phone towers impact property values

Last year it never occurred to me that a cell tower could reduce the value of my property. I believe this to be true for most people, and my guess is around 75 percent of us don’t realize their property has been devalued up to 20 percent. This is changing rapidly as people are becoming aware.

The percentage of devaluation seems to rise proportionally to the higher awareness of this fact. The California Association of Realtors now requires you to disclose how far your home is to a cell antenna/tower when you list your property for sale. This action alone is speeding up the process.

The fight between Verizon, the planning commission and citizens of Nevada City, over installing eight antennas in the Historical District, has generated concern over these antennas lowering property values. The planning commission has been given documentation from numerous surveys that show property values dropping in a 1,500-foot radius around cell tower antenna sites. Even though the planning commission has been given all this information, they have ignored it and this issue as a means of denial of Verizon’s application. The devaluation around 109 W. Pine Street could be over $10 million, a rough estimate I made using Zillow and some other online sources.

Looking at a tower all you see a structure, even if it’s disguised as a tree or chimney. What you don’t see is the microwave radiation that fills every cubic inch of air space for miles. If you don’t know what microwave radiation is think of your microwave oven and what does, cook meat and veggies. The telecom industry has told you this radiation is much lower in power, therefore it’s safe because of the FCC safety guidelines that they adhere to. Industry engineers compiled those guidelines back in the 1990s from scientific studies conducted in 1950 through 1990. There has been no study, not one, that shows microwave, cell phone, or cellular tower/antenna radiation is safe at any power level no matter how low it is. The industry states, that in its opinion, all scientific studies have alluded to or shown a high probability to cancer and that they didn’t show an absolute 100 percent direct link, therefore there’s no real proof. That sounds like the companies that make cigarettes, lead, DDT, sugar, mercury, GMOs and produce ionizing radiation who tried and are still trying to cover up the disastrous health effects of their products.

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Cell tower cluster studies started around 2000 and the statistics revealed a 300 percent increase in cancer around these antenna sites. This didn’t have an impact on me until I extrapolated further and discovered that 39.6 percent of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime and factoring in living near a cell tower almost guarantees that I will get cancer. Later in the 2000s, studies revealed other health effects of this radiation like headaches, insomnia, cognitive disruptions, DNA breakage, infertility, heart, lung, and kidney problems; these are just a few from a very long list. Microwave radiation can affect the blood with only 45 minutes of exposure to a 4G phone in standby mode carried in your backpack. This radiation polarizes a non-polar red blood cell causing them to be attracted to each other instead of bouncing off one another. It’s called artificial rouleau, which I’ve nicknamed “Wi-Fi Blood”, from the 100 percent results I got from testing school children that were exposed to Wi-Fi in their classroom. Physiologically this causes a problem with circulation that can be attributed to many health problems especially cardio vascular.

People educating themselves on the impact to our Historical District, the deleterious effects on health, and the devaluation of their property. The telecommunications industry has been lying to them like the cigarette and other industries before them with our government and their regulating agencies enabling them. They have ignored the mountain of research that has shown harm, hid warnings and safe usage, funded bogus studies, defamed good science and scientists. They have bought our legislators to fill and head our government agencies and commissions. They dispute the fact that your property is being devalued.

If you live in one of these areas you might consider taking action against the landowner, the tower owner, the carrier and the approving agency. Devaluing your property is like taking money out of your bank account. It’s your money they’re taking and a lot of it, like 2008 all over again for some people.

Richard Cristdahl OMD lives in Nevada City.

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