Repulsed by Obama’s anti-American priorities |

Repulsed by Obama’s anti-American priorities

Almost daily, I open up The Union to find articles disparaging Mitt Romney (supported mostly by major media) focused on his wealth and his tax returns.

Basically, his returns are nobody’s business but the IRS. Regarding his wealth, let’s look. Speaking of the IRS, please read Byron York’s column in The Union, Oct. 11. He explains just what Obamacare will do to us via IRS if not repealed by Mitt Romney. Horrifying!

Mitt made his money by his intelligence, and subsequently his business experience. He was never funded by questionable backers, e.g., labor unions, and certainly not George Soros, the financial bandit of bandits. Soros has destroyed more countries than all other shysters put together, and he would like to destroy America via Barack Obama

Now, last time I looked, this was a two-party race, but not one of the two-party type we are used to. This race is between a tyrant (more on that later), and the American people. Obama has acquired his wealth via the above stated sources — negative sources — almost entirely at taxpayers’ expense.

Obama, pro-Muslim that he is,  is pushing hard to make Sharia  the law of the land …

Every time I see him speak I am repulsed. We have very many good black leaders. Obama is not one of them. He will not deal directly with Congress, nor with international leaders — though he certainly makes great speeches. This is where his tyrannical leadership comes in. In dodging Congress, he has created more than 900 executive orders — hundreds more than all previous presidents combined.

Also, this tyrant and his wife have drained our treasury significantly with their super expensive lifestyles.

This president has almost single-handedly destroyed our domestic power resource industry by banning domestic offshore drilling and shutting down our coal supply, our economy by raising our national debt by over $6 trillion, our national residential housing, our ability for small businesses to grow, and our foreign relations, especially our relationship with our long time eastern ally, Israel.

He has decimated our military capability by severely cutting back their budgets — including our missile defenses, making it morally weak — especially by handicapping our chaplains with his “coed” regulations.

He has done everything he can do to extend abortion funding, especially via Planned Parenthood.

Here is where I mention that Mitt Romney has in no way been involved in any of these anti-American activities, but King Obama has, these and countless others!

Obama, pro-Muslim that he is, is pushing hard to make Sharia the law of the land and of our courts, displacing our beautiful Constitution, which he deplores, and has said so many times.

Barack Obama has been a walking liar since the day he stepped into the political scene. Even writers for the Washington Post and CBS have pretty much concluded that, politically, we have been conned!

Now, with all that information, wouldn’t it be a no-brainer to waste your vote on Obama, and pass up the very proven and capable Mitt Romney for president?

Think about it. If you vote for Obama, you will have many more years to regret it!

One bonus item: If we displace Obama, we also unseat all of the unvetted czars.

One writer recently stated that we should give Obama another term to finish the work he had started. Let’s hope and pray that does not happen!

Bill Struck lives in Grass Valley.

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