Public Works to Join in Emergency Planning |

Public Works to Join in Emergency Planning

John Ewald

The Public Safety Committee met on Thursday, June 13. LWA Board members Bambi Flanigan and Chris Heisler and LW General Manager Bob Mariani attended.

Director Flannigan reported on recent LWA Board activity. LW Public Works Department will be taking a greater role in emergency evacuation planning. One goal is that evacuation routes need to be flexible to respond to situations. Rather than mark specific routes with permanent signage, Public Works is constructing barricades with reversible arrows to be deployed at appropriate locations when needed.

PSC member Randy Smith’s working group reported vendors have submitted their bids on new software programs to the LW Board for a final decision in July. The new program will replace the existing security gate-access software.

PSC member Bruce Puphal reports the Ad Hoc Fire Risk Reduction Committee has nearly completed their mission during the last year. They have made great strides in reducing flammable fuel in and around LW.

They held seminars and town hall meetings to educate residents about state fire law and how to become a fire safe community. They trained a team of defensive space advisors and accomplished many residential inspections. The committee will become a sub-group of the PSC which will retain its dedicated members and continue its purpose to keep LW fire wise.

The new group of ten defensible space advisors have been responding to the backlog of requests and completing an average of four home visits each per week. Eighty-seven home visits were completed in May. A total of 162 advisory visits have been made this year, and these advisors, all volunteers, have logged about 245 volunteer hours.

PSC member and Fire Safe Council liaison Virginia Gompertz said the green waste drop-offs in May were a huge success collecting some 200 tons of green waste. The program was funded by grant money to LWA. Now the Fire Safe Council is applying for additional FEMA grant money to assist with continuing roadside clearing and tree trimming.

Stonegate Security Director Pete Newell reported on July 4th security plans which will include again making Wildflower Drive a one way street from the north gate to the Thistle Loop intersection, with parking allowed on the east side (park side), and strict enforcement of resident/guest parking rules. Officers will be enforcing the current parking rules in all parks and LWA lots. Parked vehicles will be checked for resident decals or LWA permits on dash boards.

Newell wants to remind residents that golf carts have the same obligations as other vehicles when on public roadways. State vehicle code laws apply to golf carts. A current driver’s license is required.

One must obey all rules of the road. Golf carts have a 15 mph limit. All golf carts must be registered by the LWA with either a registration for the street or one for the golf course.

Residents are reminded this is the birthing season for deer. Numerous fawns have been observed in and around LW.

Female deer protect their young by leaving them in tall grass or brush. Fawns are born with no scent and have white spots for camouflage to protect them from predators.

A fawn seen lying alone in tall grass often means its mother may not be far away and it is not abandoned.

In the wild, coyotes, foxes, and dogs are predators of deer.

Although we do not normally think of our pet dog as a canine predator, deer are born with this fear instinctively. At this time of year, when a doe sees you and your dog walking along the street, she is alert and protective of her fawn that may be nearby. Avoid getting too close to deer. Do not try to help a fawn just because you see no mother nearby.

The Public Safety Committee meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 3 p.m. in the Dogwood Room at the Community Center. The next meeting will be July 11.   All Lake Wildwood residents are invited and encouraged to attend.

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