Public Works Creates Defensible Space Around Lake Wildwood |

Public Works Creates Defensible Space Around Lake Wildwood

Virginia Gompertz

Public Works is doing a great job in creating defensible space, i.e., reducing the fuels in LWW. They are following Public Resource Code 4291 on Defensible Space which was adopted by the Board of Directors. The priority is Evacuation Routes and Greenbelts.

“Our goal is to have most Roadway Evacuation Routes and Corner Choke Points completed in 2019,” says Greg Meyer Public Works Director.

The work will consist of tree trimming/brush clearing 10 feet back off each side of the road and Trees Limbed up 15 feet, otherwise known as 10/10/15.

“This allows First Responders like Fire Trucks and Paramedics to safely drive into our community during a Wildfire, and also allow residents to get out/evacuate at the same time,” Greg explains.

Next year, given the resources needed, the rest of the roads and greenbelts will be completed.

How does this get done?

— A current proposal is making the rounds for funding, where eight months/year a dedicated Public Works maintenance crew uses High Ranger Equipment to reduce and/or remove vegetation from our roadways. They also use a chipper to reduce the volume of brush. This is then disposed of by hauling to an appropriate site for dumping.

— Currently, Public Works is using Goats on inaccessible greenbelts around the LWW property. The trial period for using goats on Sun Forest greenbelt is going very well. These “Munch A Bunch” goats will be moving to other greenbelts soon. Stay tuned for further information.

— The Washington Ridge Fire Crew is clearing areas near the County Sanitation Facility. This is creating a much needed fire fuel break around the facility.

If this facility is damaged during a Wildfire, we cannot come back to LWW until it is operational again. When the Washing Ride Fire Crew finishes this area, they will be moving to the new Minnow Way property to create a 200 ft fire break around the West side of our community.

— Public Works was also an essential part of the overwhelmingly successful Green Waste Drop at the campground.

They’re currently reviewing options to remove the balance of the debris remaining at the site. Greg and his team have already found a nursery who will take wood chips for free.

— Public Works maintenance is continually weed whacking public areas.

Our community is very fortunate to have the talent, skills and know-how of Greg and his Public Works department. Greg Meyer and his lovely wife, Margaret, are a new addition to our community as they just moved to LWW in May.

Please welcome Greg and Margaret to Lake Wildwood, as they’re making our community safer, better, and a more beautiful place to live.

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