President Mark Bailey Update |

President Mark Bailey Update

Mike Dobbins, Editor

SYRCL is looking for help.

On Sept. 21, the group will be removing mounds of garbage, piles of trash, and dens of debris at its 22nd Yuba River Cleanup.

Volunteers have been waiting all summer to haul out tires, toilets, PVC pipes, wiring, tubing, mattresses, plastic bags, straws, sandwich wrappers, diapers, cigarette butts, and more. It’s intense work, but they’re doing it because they love the Yuba. “We want it to be safe and clean.”

You can help by donating to SYRCL’s Clean-a-thon. Your donation provides much-needed financial power so they can gather the people-power for this critical community event.

Please help harness the energy of your neighbors, friends and community members. Your gift could generate 3,600 hours of volunteer labor for cleaning the Yuba and Bear watersheds – 90 miles of rivers, creeks and shorelines.


Another group working overtime is Wildwood’s FIREWISE Team!

The latest is addressing the “Insurance Crisis” facing us and several other foothill communities.

Wildwood’s Virginia Gompertz covered the recent visit by State Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara and reports on his advice and warning. Those of you who have already received the dreaded cancellation notice probably know the effect — both emotionally and financially.

Not a pretty picture. And it could get worse.


Following up on LWA Board Boss Mark Bailey.

He is recovering and, in fact, sat at the President’s throne during recent board actions last week.

His misfortune, and the superhuman response by fellow tennis players in saving his life, prompted new board member Caryl Fairfull to write a piece about the magical device that “restarted” his heart and how we can learn to use it. Check it out on this page.


September! Already??! OK, I guess.

Busy times coming. I’m already seeing Christmas decorations! We hit your mailboxes again Sept. 20, Deadline for which is Sept. 11.

Stay safe and vigilant! Fire Season is still here and will be for awhile.

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