Preparing for FutureLake Wildwood Governance |

Preparing for FutureLake Wildwood Governance

Tom Cross
Former LWA Board Chair

Good news, we have six members who attended a “Seminar for Future Board Members” in April and May to prepare themselves to join the Board. They are Michael Selby, Caryl Fairfull, Randy Smith, Vern Elmer, Bob Anderson and Tony Holland (not shown in the picture).

Michael, Caryl and Randy have decided to run this year and will be on the ballot to fill the three open seats. The other attendees are well prepared should they decide to run in the future.

Theseminar included taking an on-line course from the Community Associations Institute titled “Board Leadership Development Workshop.” Attendees also studied Lake Wildwood’s governing documents and the California law for associations called the Davis Stirling Act. The final session required the attendees to study the financials covered in the annual disclosures and to review the monthly treasurer’s report.

Aside from this in-depth level of education all attendees currently serve on Standing Committees, which provides needed insight as to how the Committees support the Board. Participation on Committees also develops relationships with other volunteers and provides needed insights regarding volunteer leadership.

Having served on the Board, I can attest that Michael, Caryl and Randy would be great Board Members and a real asset to Lake Wildwood!

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