Prepare for a loud clash |

Prepare for a loud clash

Jim Firth, in his letter to the editor, juxtaposes the Tea Party with a litany of government policies/programs, which seem to represent contradictions. He concludes that they (“want-to-be patriots”) are obligated to accept the judgment and rule of law of the “majority” that our democracy requires.

It might surprise Mr. Firth that we do not have a democracy but a constitutional republic. The vehement debates between the Federalist and Anti-Federalist during the Constitutional convention, May through September of 1787, centered on the fears of an overpowering, usurping central government. Additionally, the fears of majority rule, argued against so eloquently by James Madison in Federalist No. 10, is what our founders sought to avoid in the Constitution of the United States. The horror they would express if they were to witness what we in fact have today.

The “want-to-be patriots” of the Tea Party, as Mr. Firth asserts, are in fact true patriots. They want America restored to our founding principles of limited government and individual freedom, i.e., people pursuing their rational self-interest. It is amazing how wanting to restore our government to its founding principles is characterized as “extremist.”

The liberal/progressive “collectivist” agenda sacrifices the individual to the collective, from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs, or as Spock would say, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” The unequal results inherent in a free society are anathema to the leftist, liberal/progressive. When asked if he would reduce the Capital Gains tax if it increased revenue into the U.S. Treasury, Obama answered, no, that would not be “fair.” You see, all our rags must match.

The bottom line is that not only have the anti-poverty programs failed but often made things worse.

It is time to strip the veneer of compassion the left has for the poor. The poverty trend line was going down until President Lyndon Johnson implemented his “Great Society” program. Just after a short five years, the trend line reversed its decline and began a climb that continues to this day. Leftist policies have trapped the poor and insidiously take fathers out of the lives of babies. There is a direct correlation between increased federal spending and the growth pattern of the ranks of the poor. The bottom line is that not only have the anti-poverty programs failed but often made things worse. An excellent scholarly exposition on this subject is found in Charles Murray’s “Losing Ground.” Capitalism/freedom is the greatest force for prosperity and happiness for man in the history of mankind.

In every leftist, there is an incipient tyrant. Their anointed visions of how we must live our lives must be enforced by a sledge hammer slipped into the silk glove of compassion. History has demonstrated time and again that central planning inexorably leads to failure. Our educational system today is a shining testament to the failure of leftist policies. Today, our spending is twice as much per capita on our students as in 1970, and SAT scores are lower. Why? Because our government schools indoctrinate, not educate. Our educators do not help develop a pupil’s cognitive capacity but to instill social identity.

Finally, Mr. Firth states the zealots, i.e., Tea Party members, have been misguided by the new American elites, the 1 percent. I would like to have seen this demonstrated. The only influencing I can see on the part of the 1 percent are the Hollywood elite on behalf of leftist policies.

Lightning struck with Obama’s election/re-election. Tea Party Thunder is yet to sound in 2014. Survival of the America we know and love depends on a loud clash.

Manny Montes lives in Lake of the Pines.

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