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Pickleball Outreach

Margee Lopez

Our Pickleball Ambassadors Bill Sikes and Victor Simon have been reaching out and sharing their talents and time outside the Lake Wildwood Community.

Recently Bill was asked to assist an organization in Grass Valley get a pickleball group started. Thanks to the efforts of Pam Munson, approval for the use of the gym was attained. A used net was donated by Lake Wildwood and things were moving forward.

Bill and Pam worked tirelessly for two days taping off the dimensions of a pickleball court. Onlookers were immediately interested in learning the game and instruction commenced. The young men were enthusiastic and quickly embraced the sport. Bill and Pam have returned several times to challenge them, whose skills accelerated to a point of winning a few games.

Bill had brought along some medals as incentive and this energized group really celebrated. In addition, clinics have been offered to teach others interested in this new sport.

We acknowledge and thank Bill for his generosity in giving his time and energy. In similar fashion our local firefighters enjoyed lessons from Victor Simon last year at the firehouse. These examples show the spirit of our Lake Wildwood Pickleball Club to reach out beyond our community.

In addition, here at Lake Wildwood we have great opportunities to receive free weekly clinics, thanks to our own Nan Spier, who spends many hours each week practicing drills with beginners as well as intermediate players. She is a resource for great videos on strategies and techniques and takes a personal interest in an individual’s progress. We are a very lucky group of picklers with such dedicated mentors willing to go the extra yard for us.

If you are contemplating learning to play, it is important that you contact one of our Ambassadors for an orientation lesson to introduce you to the game. Once familiar with the scoring, equipment and important safety rules, you can ask for a mentor to begin play on the “soft” court.

There are many who will enjoy guiding a newbie and seeing their enthusiasm soar. Please contact Bill Sikes (530) 263-4098 or Victor Simon (530) 205-9752 for your orientation class.

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