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Pickleball Club Update: Meet Elizabeth

Today, I will introduce you to Elizabeth Pavlik. I enjoyed a very interesting conversation about her life and all its unique characteristics. First, I will start off by sharing that Elizabeth is Russian, born and raised in Moscow.

She and her eight-year-old daughter, Sofia, spend six months of each year living in the big city of Moscow and another six months here in the community of Lake Wildwood with the squirrels and wild turkeys. Sofia attends our local public school and belongs to the Water Otters Swim Team. She is a busy, industrious young girl, who is juggling studies between her school in Russia and her school in Penn Valley. Elizabeth is very grateful to her parents for all their daily support via Skype to keep Sofia engaged and progressing in her Russian schoolwork. It is not an easy feat.

For the eight-year-old, certain holidays are more important in the United States than in Russia. She pleads to be here for Halloween but concedes that New Years in Russia is much more special. Elizabeth is very adaptable to both worlds and finds happiness and positivity wherever she is. Her perspective is mirrored in her choice to start an online school in the psychology of tarot cards. All of her courses are in Russian and have attracted students from around the world. She is very proud of the fact that she has created her own cards with artistic depictions and history of each character.

Elizabeth has always been interested in travel and has visited over 40 countries so far. At one time, she even worked as a travel guide. She has backpacked extensively through Russia, been to Carnival in Brazil and visited India. On her bucket list remains a cruise to Antarctica, the Northern Lights, South Africa, and South America. Her zest for life is impressive, to say the least.

When we talked about the differences in daily life between the two cultures, Elizabeth quickly confessed that she prefers Moscow when it comes to getting her hair and nails done. There is a vast difference in cost and results. She also cites health care as something she prefers in Russia. Naturally, the cost of living in Moscow is considerably higher than the outlying areas of Russia. In actuality, it is comparable to our cost of living in California. However, when it comes to teaching her daughter how to snow ski, the costs in Russia are much lower than at our expensive California ski resorts.

Elizabeth is new to pickleball and is picking it up very quickly. She has met many members and has wisely taken advantage of the drop in times to experience the many different skill levels in our players. She is upbeat and eager to learn. Elizabeth is a very delightful addition to our pickleball family here in Lake Wildwood. I enjoyed our chat.



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