Phil Zink: On inaction of Nevada City Council |

Phil Zink: On inaction of Nevada City Council

The recent events involving council member Senum are both disturbing and telling.

No one can dispute the fact that Ms. Senum’s vile comments concerning law enforcement agencies in which she alleges that these public agencies operate under some sort of “license-to-kill” standard are both inaccurate and ignorant. These comments are not “insightful,” but they do “incite” the very type of violence she purports to abhor.

In fact, these inflammatory comments are exactly the type of thing that encourages the despicable acts of violence that was unleashed upon the Dallas Police Department.

As a Nevada City “area” resident, and yes Mr. Rebane there are Nevada City residents with the same 95959 zip code as you that think of Nevada City as their hometown. For over 25 years now, my family and I have always supported the local businesses of Nevada City. The Nevada City “constituent bubble” that Mr. Rebane seems to believe Ms. Senum should only be responsible to answer to is a gross misunderstanding of what constitutes our local Nevada City community.

I am certain the businesses of downtown Nevada City would agree that their core customer base, excluding tourists, extends well beyond Mr. Rebane’s “constituent bubble” of the city limits. The “buy local” mantra is always at the forefront of our family’s thinking when we go shopping or look for a dinner night out on the town, New Moon Café is my wife’s favorite, however, given the recent comments made by council member Senum and the lack of appropriate action or in this case inaction taken by the city council, we can no longer continue to support the city or its businesses as long as Ms. Senum is allowed to represent Nevada City in any official capacity. The deplorable comments made by Ms. Senum reflect directly on the character and integrity of the city and all those who apparently either condone her comments or who are unwilling to take appropriate action in seeing that she is removed from the city council.

Ms. Senum pretends to support local law enforcement, but her vile and abusive diatribe can only lead one to believe that is not her true feelings, it is her hypocrisy. We will continue to “buy local” whenever possible, just not Nevada City local as long as Ms. Senum is allowed to sit on the Nevada City’s City Council. Grass Valley has many shopping and dining opportunities, including great Mexican fare we plan to explore.

Phil Zink lives in Nevada City.

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