Parking Rules the Focus of April 26 Townhall |

Parking Rules the Focus of April 26 Townhall

New rules regarding parking at Lake Wildwood facilities will be the focus of the next town hall forum on April 26. The forum will be in the Community Center Lake Room (formerly named the Oak Room) at 6:00 PM. Updating old security rules has been the focus of the Public Safety Committee (PSC) in recent months. The changes will update old regulations and address abuses and inadequacies of the 20+ year old sections. Residents are encouraged to attend the April 26 forum to learn of the new rules.
The changes to LW parking regulations which have been the previous focus of the PSC have been approved by the LW Board and will now be in effect. These updated rules address parking at (and use of) community areas, parks, and facilities. Vehicles with no window decals (bar codes) parked in parks, golf, Clubhouse, and Community Center areas will now need to display a parking permit or be subject to a citation and/or towing. Warnings are to be issued by security officers during the month of May.
After June 1, citations (or towing) will be issued. The next task for the PSC is to review and update gate entry requirements. New gate access requirements will focus on identifying visitors and their vehicles to insure they are legitimate residents or authorized guests of residents.
A review of the LWA’s data base has revealed it has been neglected and is not current. Many vehicles on file are no longer owned by residents. Some newer vehicles have never been registered with the LWA. This is a situation in need of correction. The data base of vehicles needs to be made current. The PSC is recommending several remedies and some changes to the CC&Rs.
A first change, this year the admin office will require residents to update the list of all their currently owned vehicles when they pay assessments in June. Old window bar codes which are no longer valid will then be deactivated. Expect to see a few others.
A second topic for the April 26 forum will be the progress being made on disaster planning, emergency notifications, and evacuation protocols.
PSC members have been in meetings with county and state disaster planning teams. Wildwood residents may expect to see firefighters and equipment in a large disaster drill on May 27. The drill will simulate a disaster involving multiple dwellings, with firefighters laying out hoses in a real time practice.
The next PSC meeting will be on Thursday, May 10 at 3:00 PM in the Dogwood Room at CC. And another town hall forum is planned for May 24 at 6:00 PM in the Lake Room.
Approximately 54 citations for speeding were issued during March. First offense fines range from $65 to $100 (amount based on speed over 25mph). Officers responded to some 44 dog related calls. Most of those resulted in warnings. A few were repeat offenders and were issued citations.
In other incidents two residents went to hearing, and both received fines and stiff warnings from the LW Board for harassment and disrespectful conduct towards LW staff. A man who attempted entry at the North Gate, towing a boat was cited for harassment of the gate officer and refusing to identify himself. He was cited and subsequently fined $150. An intoxicated woman in the clubhouse bar who harassed an employee, then refused, when asked to leave by a security officer, and also refused to identify herself was subsequently fined $350.
Under security rules (section R – 10.20.40) any person inside LW is required to provide identification when requested by a security officer and failure to do so could result in a citation and fine. It is also a violation of the CC&R rules to intimidate, threaten, or harass a LW employee.
Stonegate Statistics for March:

54 Notices of violation for speed
1 Notice of violation for stop sign
24 Reports of a Barking Dog(s)
20 Reports of a Loose Dog(s)
2 Violations for After Hours Contract Work
20 Medical Aid Incidents
18 Public Assistance Requests
By John Ewald

Public Safety Committee

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