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Our schizophrenic state

Schizophrenia runs rampant in our once “great state of California.”

In the early 1970s, the rhetoric for promoting and legalizing killing our children was for women’s “health.” If a woman didn’t have access to a medical doctor and reproductive health clinics (abortion chambers) to end her pregnancy, she would have to resort to the back alley butcher.

Fast forward to the future, 2013 to be exact. Now the rhetoric is that women should have access to nurses, midwives and physician’s assistants (back-alley butchers trained to kill) rather than physicians to end their pregnancies. And of course, behind the push for legislation in whatever direction benefits them is Planned Parenthood and the almighty dollar.

State Assemblyman Dr. Richard Pan, a pediatrician and educator, authored AB 980, a bill to remove the requirement that abortions be performed in a medical surgical and sterile setting with a post-abortive recovery area. That bill passed the assembly and is headed to the senate.

Does this mean that abortions will now return to the “back alley”? I’ve always envisioned having a difficult time trusting the Hippocratic oath-taking physician scurrying between the neo-natal surgical unit and the abortion chamber of the hospital.

Sen. Christine Kehoe has authored Senate Bill 1501 and replaced the original bill dealing with boating and waterways with abortion language. This legislative procedure is called “gut and amend” and is used regularly by lawmakers. The entire language of the original bill was scrapped and replaced with Ms. Kehoe’s agenda to increase the number of abortion providers trained to competently and safely kill unborn children. Prior to that, she had taken the language from the failed SB1338, a bill she authored to allow nonphysicians to provide abortions, and placed it in budget bill SB623. This woman is determined to implement her abortion agenda.

Meanwhile, our abortion, killing-children mentality has escaped the woman’s womb and is increasingly infecting our society.

We are appalled and sickened by the Gosnells of this land — never allowing our minds to recognize the brutality and hopelessness of every abortion. We are devastated and outraged at the killing of innocent young children in their classrooms but fail to see any connection to the violence being fostered by years of legalized killing and the glamour portrayed in destructively violent movies.

We can remove the semi-automatic rifles, the handguns, the forceps, the shotguns, the hammers, the curettes, the syringes filled with saltwater poison, the butcher knives — all instruments of death from our land. They will simply be replaced by other creative inventions.

Until we begin to regard life as a sacred gift to be cherished and protected, regardless of its domicile, we can expect the human atrocities we see every day in the news to continue.

Colleen Deneen lives in Grass Valley.

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