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‘Our Girls are Cleaning Up All Over Town!’

Shari Davis

May 13 and 14 was the Two-Person Scramble at Silver Creek Valley Country Club. Dottie Teague and Nita Edwards competed and came in tied for Fifth Place in C Flight. Yay!

May 21 and 22 the Lake Wildwood “‘60s Dorks” took first place in their flight in the Peachtree CC invitational! Their team consisted of Maddie Graham, Barbara Law, Candace Pray and Jane Oji Schroeder.

Joanne Zemetra’s team took First Place in the 2nd flight at Peach Tree. She and her partner also won the horse race.

On May 24 Nita Edwards and Penelope Crumpley won First Place in their flight at the Alta Sierra invitational!

Our girls have been cleaning up all over town! Congratulations to all of you!

May 16 was our Formal Friends Day prior to the Invitational. Thanks to Nita for planning a fun-filled day for everyone. Unfortunately, the chance of rain caused some major changes in the plans, but there were several ladies that braved the weather and were fortunate enough to get nine in before the rain settled in. Thank you to the Clubhouse for preparing a wonderful lunch for all of us.

On May 23 we played an Individual Low Net round. There were a few guests mixed in for extra fun. The Low Net person for the day was Karen Price with a nice Net 68. Congratulations, Karen!

Others with special accomplishments were Karen Price, birdies Holes 1 and 3; Susan Sainz, birdie, Hole #2; Betty Moyles, birdie, Hole #4; Cherry Eden, birdie, Hole #9; MJ Brusher, birdie, #16; Patti Egge, birdie, Hole #11; Marie Wemple, chip-in, Hole #18; and Alma Ortega Avery, chip-in, Hole #3.

Congratulations to all of you!

In going over the score cards, I noticed that some of you may not know what the max score that you may post on a hole is or how to adjust your score for posting. You can find the answer on page 12 of the Roster. At the bottom of the page is a table listing the handicap range and the max score you may post. Here it is.

If your handicap is:

9 or less — max double bogey

10 through 19 — 7

20 through 29 — 8

30 through 39 — 9

40 and above — 10

On the score card, if you have a hole that you shoot higher than these numbers, you record the score you actually had for the hole and indicate the number of strokes higher than your allowed max by placing a dot for each stroke above your max in the same box.

At the end of the round, subtract the dots and record the adjusted score at the far right of the score card in the column marked ADJ. This will be the score that you would post.

Sometimes the tournament card does not have the column for the adjusted score. You may write it at the far right margin of the score card if that is the case.

Our Invitational was on May 30 and 31! I hope everyone had fun. Maddie and her team have worked like crazy to make sure everyone had a wonderful time so I am sure it was amazing.

Due to my deadline dates, this article was submitted before the Invitational but it looks like the weather is going to be perfect. Look for results and more information in our next publication.

The Queen Bee will be in full swing starting on June 13. Any questions should be addressed to Terri Mesple and Betsy Szyper.

If you are a woman resident of Lake Wildwood and love to play golf, we would love to meet you. If you are looking to meet some fun gals to play golf with, we would love to have you join us. We play on Thursday mornings. Contact MJ Brusher at 205-9492 for details on how to join our Club.

My next article is due on June 12, so please have any Club-related information to me by that deadline. Enjoy the sunshine and I will see you on the course.

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