Open your eyes on Agenda 21 |

Open your eyes on Agenda 21

Melinda Monaghan
Other Voices

I was glad to see Sharon Delgado's Other Voices article, "Trans-Pacific Partnership," in a recent edition of The Union. I'm one of those raising the alarm about Agenda 21, a "nonbinding" agreement, and I'd like to add a few comments to hers.

The definition of "agenda" connotes actions to be taken. And those actions are being taken by Agenda 21's implementation partner, ICLEI, originally the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, now called Local Communities for Sustainability (heard that term lately?), headquartered in Bonn, Germany.

ICLEI's programs for smart growth, sustainability and educational dictates have now been seeded into almost every city, town and county in the United States. Smart growth initiatives alone affect every aspect of our lives: transportation, housing, environment and education. Every city plan has the same standards. (Ever wonder why we're beginning to look so much like Roseville?) Local issues such as private property, wildfire danger, economic growth, forest health, endangered species and farm freedoms are ignored as Agenda 21 goals are put into place.

Check it out for yourself (see this story at for a link), particularly Chapter 28 – "Local authorities' initiatives in support of Agenda 21." Here's the introduction about the importance of local governments getting on board: "Because so many of the problems and solutions being addressed by Agenda 21 have their roots in local activities, the participation and cooperation of local authorities will be a determining factor in fulfilling its objectives. Local authorities construct, operate and maintain economic, social and environmental infrastructure; oversee planning processes; establish local environmental policies and regulations; and assist in implementing national and subnational environmental policies. As the level of governance closest to the people, they play a vital role in educating, mobilizing and responding to the public to promote sustainable development."

Now, I don't know about all the other citizens of this county, but I don't recall any local authorities asking my opinion as to whether or not I wish to give up my Constitutional rights and be subsumed into the United Nations. Do you?

Instead, our local government is telling us that Agenda 21 is nothing more than a fantasy, another "wing-nut" conspiracy, when at the same time, it's being put into place under our very noses by that same local government in return for grant monies, "educational" programs and the like.

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So we have Agenda 21, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), NAFTA, and many more — all these little dots — and it's about time we opened our eyes and started to connect them. As Ms. Delgado says, the Trans-Pacific Partnership all by itself threatens our Republic. It is "being negotiated secretly, behind closed doors." Government, academia, financial and corporate interests are instituting their global dreams.

The European Union, the model for world integration, began to be promoted as early as 1958 and was sold as merely a "free-trade agreement" between the countries of Austria, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and England. It's worked out well for them, hasn't it?

The reason these "agreements" are utilized is that they are done at executive government levels and therefore lend themselves easily to secrecy and back-door deals of all kinds. The citizens of a country know nothing about them, other than the most innocent-sounding propaganda, along with a nifty name: North American Free-Trade Agreement, World Trade Organization, Trans-Pacific Partnership (doesn't that sound friendly and fun?), etc. The EU is consolidating regions of the world into unions with these agreements: the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, and others.

There was an interesting article in Natural News about the Trans-Pacific Partnership and another treaty, the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. That's the biggie, designed to fold the coming North American Union (amnesty, anyone?) – Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, which Bush signed into agreement as the Security and Prosperity Partnership on March 23, 2005 — into the European Union.

From that article: "Negotiations for both agreements are taking place behind closed doors, with input allowed almost exclusively from the corporations and industry trade groups that stand to benefit the most. And the Obama Administration intends to push the agreements through Congress without so much as giving lawmakers access to draft texts …"

There's not going to be a "one-world corporate government which promotes unfettered capitalism and free-trade everywhere on the planet," as Ms. Delgado asserts. There's going to be a one-world government that decimates the citizens of all countries and enslaves "We The People" to slake its greed for ultimate power.

Are you going to open your eyes? Or do you prefer the dark?

Melinda Monaghan lives in Nevada County.