Open letter to my fellow Americans |

Open letter to my fellow Americans

In the presidential election year of 2008, I answered phones on behalf of John McCain and went door to door soliciting votes in California and Nevada. A Navy pilot and prisoner of war, McCain returned home to serve his country as a United States Senator.

Among these and other notable attributes, it was clear to me that here was a man
of honor, a proven leader I
could trust, one who’d never apologize for his country or what it stands for.

Instead, a kind, considerate electorate awarded its highest office to a person with a questionable background, no particular leadership or business qualifications, yet possessive of an enviable charm and a Colgate smile who promised to make some “changes,” which he has, including foreign dealings made behind closed doors that bodes our country no good.

Americans are blessed with a Constitution and Bill of Rights framed by loyal, God-fearing patriots and defended by grateful citizens on foreign battlefields and workers in home factories. But there is tension among our people. In an effort to be “socially correct” we hide our thoughts, afraid to speak our minds. Ashamed, we turn our heads from street-corner beggars.

In an effort to be “socially correct,” we hide our thoughts, afraid to speak our minds.

During the Great Depression my mother asked for no hand-outs. All she would accept from Chicago’s Mayor Kelly was four boxes of clothing at Christmas time for her younger sets of twins. She sent eight of her sons off to war, myself a second time. Thanks to the GI Bill, seven of her children finished college. Three went on to earn doctorate degrees.

That’s the American dream. All we people ask of government is to protect our land and provide opportunities for decent jobs. We’ll bear full responsibility for what happens in our neighborhoods. Is this not our birthright?

My earnest hope is that we don’t look back on election year 2012 as having been a popularity contest or one based on color, race, religion, sex or social orientation. We’re past that. We’ve been down that road. Everyone in those categories who’ve sought the presidency got their chance at the top spot. It’s time to move on.

I truly fear for my country’s future and believe the man best equipped to restore its strength and prestige and lead it from a predictable, foreseeable abyss, is Mitt Romney.

It’s your country too. It’s your choice. Do your homework. Please, choose wisely.

Stan Zabka lives in Grass Valley.

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