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Oil on #8 Source Found. Culprit Still on the Lamb

July 5, 2018

As a follow up to last week’s article about the vandalism on #8 green, we found the source of the damage. It turns out that a nearby neighbor had placed a two and a half gallon jug of used motor oil on the street side waiting for Waste Management to pick it up. Instead, it was picked up by our perpetrator and deposited on the green. We found the empty container in the berry bushes by the creek on #8. In chatting with Waste Management people, they would prefer that you call them and request an empty oil container that they will supply and deliver to you. You then fill up their container and it will be picked up on the Monday recycle day. Hindsight is so cruel. We will now begin to re-establish turf in the affected areas. To keep the green open and playable, we’ll double aerify and spot verticut the scars to get some seed in place. I believe that we have a better chance to get bentgrass seed going here than to keep rootless pieces of sod alive during midsummer. Although unpleasant to look at, it should roll better. We are also getting some solar powered, night vision cameras to mount on nearby trees. Another added expense, but now seemingly necessary. I appreciate the golf course view residents who have committed to stepping up their vigilance in keeping authorities notified of any nocturnal activity on the golf course itself. It’s a shame that (presumably) our own residents are tearing down the things here that we strive so diligently to keep in the best condition possible. If anyone has any leads toward solving this crime, we’d be grateful for information.

William F Hamilton, CGCS
Director of Agronomy

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