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Obama’s version of sacrifice is economic suicide

President Obama is demanding sacrifice from those who are the job creators and employers of most working Americans by not extending tax cuts to them. He is not sacrificing, however, when it comes to Congress and federal workers. He just gave them a raise that amounts to $1.1 billion a year over the next 10 years.

Furthermore, the “deal” that the Senate finally passed in the wee hours Dec. 31 included $41 dollars of tax increases versus every $1 of spending cuts. That’s right! This is economic suicide! Working taxpayers who are forthright, honest citizens, like you, are still bearing the tax burden. Obama says he doesn’t want taxes to go up on you because he didn’t tell you that the taxes hidden in Obamacare have already increased for everyone. You’ll see the full impact of that in 2014 with full implementation of Obamacare. Taxing employers now will increase unemployment because they won’t be able to afford to hire many more people or pay the required employee insurance.

Obama’s positioned himself and the Democrats to be the saviors, bringing tax relief to you if the Republicans didn’t go along with this deal. Why?

Well, Republicans didn’t want to raise taxes … on anybody … they wanted to do what was best for the country, not just for their party. Oh yeah, some people think the Republicans are just protecting the “rich,” but Obama thinks employers are the rich!

Democrats only want to squeeze money out of the sources that are now producing it, yet they foolishly forget the sources’ origins.

Democrats only want to squeeze money out of the sources that are now producing it, yet they foolishly forget the sources’ origins — entrepreneurs with a desire to succeed and a work ethic to make success possible. Many Democrats, including Mr. Obama, and many of their base constituency, simply must not understand — or refuse to accept — that concept. They must think there is a money machine somewhere over which the “rich” have control.

There is another explanation, but most of America is not ready to hear that it is all being done intentionally to break down the capitalistic system — which has made the United States the best place on the planet to live — all in the interest of re-distributing wealth. Life is not fair and only fools will cling to that notion. We each have talents and abilities, when matched with desire, work ethic and a positive attitude, that will enable us to be productive members of society — any society — no matter what the environment or our circumstances. Through this journey, those without hardships have an obligation to help those who face hardships. That’s how the human race was designed. It’s time we functioned appropriately.

The spending must be balanced with revenues, and we all must make sacrifices to make that happen. I’m saddened and very disappointed that the Republicans are sacrificing their principles rather than making the real sacrifice of demanding spending cuts.

As stated earlier, this “deal” does not address the real problem — overspending. We must set our sights on fiscal responsibility for the country and not focus on such social welfare as soliciting Mexicans in Mexico to purchase U.S. food stamps, growing the number of those receiving food stamps here, establishing a process that provides most Americans benefits from the government for the asking, refusing to reform entitlements, etc.

As Americans who enjoy the liberties and freedom of this country, we have an obligation to actively engage in solving our country’s fiscal problem rather than adding to it, or we will lose those liberties and freedoms that we so cherish. True sacrifice is needed by all! What will you sacrifice?

Claudia Taylor lives in Auburn.

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