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Obama proves truth of ‘Chicago Rule’

It’s not surprising that you’ve never heard about it. America has been fortunate enough to never have come face to face with it.

The “Chicago Rule” is simple: Never elect a politico from Chicago to be president of America.

Why do you think so many former governors of Illinois (all from Chicago) are in jail?

The young and the poor should admit to being fooled by a smooth-talking Chicago politician and pray they are never so dumb again. Now, some chickens are coming home to roost — on Obama’s shoulders.

Obamacare’s start-up is a real miscarriage. Nothing’s gone right and everyone who’s involved is pointing fingers at someone else. I’m sure Kathleen Sebelius, head of HHS, will take the fall for this — not Obama, who’s now desperately telling you to call a 1-800 number to enroll in ObamaCare. Weren’t we using 1-800 numbers decades ago?

It has been revealed that our government has been collecting millions of phone calls on our (former) friends. It’s bad enough to have the president of Brazil (the largest and riches nation in South America) cancel a planned visit to the U.S. because of this. But to tap the cell phone of Angela Merkle, the leader of Germany and in essence all of Europe, is the height of stupidity. She’s mad. And America will pay. Obama will find someone to blame this on, too.

We have made enemies of the two most important Arab countries in the world: Egypt and Saudi Arabia. They were formerly good friends. How did Obama achieve this miracle?

In regards to Egypt, Obama keeps telling the ruling military that they must hold free elections — and soon. Egyptians — like all Arabs — are used to living under a dictatorship. This goes back thousands of years. The military will not bow to Obama. They will probably ship all their oil to China now. I expect they will soon close the Suez Canal to U.S. ships, thus raising our cost of shipping and our cost of living.

As for Saudi Arabia, the Saudis have repeatedly asked us to back up the Israelis against the looming threat of an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel by sending a strong fleet into the eastern Mediterranean. Our government’s answer has consistently been, “We don’t have enough ships.” (Fact: We have 10 aircraft carriers. No other nation has more than one.)

The Saudis, who hate the Iranians, have now declared they will back the French in a war to take down the Syrian dictatorship (which is supported by Iran).

Now where do you guess the $33 billion a year the Saudis spend on American military hardware is going to go? Not to us, probably to France, which will result in more lost good jobs in the U.S., higher unemployment and more depreciation of the American economy. Congrats again, Obama.

So, the Chicago Rule has now been proven true by Obama. So sad.

Dick Phillips lives in Alta Sierra.

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