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Obama handling of Benghazi is an outrage

The Benghazi terrorist attack, that horrible night in the dark rancid air of Libya when four of our American citizens were killed, one being our U.S. ambassador, our own Chris Stevens … had to be covered up by Obama and his cohorts because it didn’t fit his “priority of the say” … campaign.

The Obama idea of a priority is to make sure nothing real or tragic happens to lessen his chances of re-election, one of his re-election mottos being … “Osama Bin Laden is dead!” … that’s what Obama insisted everyone remember, that he did that … and to accomplish this he, with the aid of others, exposed our people to this unnecessary, unprecedented danger … the arrogance of Obama is the absolute “Outrage” … just to make sure everyone believes his version of events, he had to present a low profile appearance in Libya to prove that when more security was requested, begged for, by our people, by our ambassador and others, it was denied. No, sending in more security would send the wrong message when you’re out to convince the voters and the world that all is well — Osama Bin Laden is dead! The reality is that our people are at risk. They are dispensable. The truth is never a consideration to Obama when a lie and deception will get the results he wants.

Thank God we have American citizens with the integrity and the courage it takes to put their life-long work and careers on the line to come forward to tell the truth about that night and what really happened, while safe-at-home Hillary Clinton conspires to deny her own state department terror unit its real-time input describing events as they are happening so she, her state department staff and the White House could concoct their own version of those events unfolding in Benghazi, and so Obama could go off in the night, not calling, not caring what was happening to the people whom he should be doing all he could to protect. After all, he had an election and some fundraising to consider; he did have his priorities, you know.

So let’s hope and pray that the Congressional oversight committee hearings will allow us to go back to that dark night when American lives were lost and many others were injured and get to the truth with the testimony of these brave people now on the record. Hopefully, the Obama cover-up will be uncovered, allowing for more of the truth to be told for the sake of the families of our dead citizens and so all of the American people can see what really happened. We need to honor the legacies of our dead Americans, not the legacy of our now poor excuse for a president. Obama may have won the election, but in so doing, it’s our country and our people who are the unfortunate losers. Also, we need to make Hillary Clinton understand that yes, “it does make a difference”; these men died because she and the Obama administration couldn’t be bothered with this little interference in their plans for another four years.

The truth is never a consideration to Obama when a lie and deception will get the results he wants.

Susan Rice, the Obama-appointed ambassador to the United Nations, went on five Sunday news shows Sept. 16, 2012, five days after the fatal attack, to explain to the public that the attack occurred because of an anti-Muslim video … again the truth lost out to lies, and a lot of the public bought it.

Why do “We the People” put up with this outrage?

Donna Burley lives in Grass Valley.

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