Now is the time for principled, pragmatic leadership |

Now is the time for principled, pragmatic leadership

A wise friend of mine, Machen MacDonald, once said to me, “Don’t worry about showing off, just keep showing up.”

I took that advice to heart and continue to apply it to my business, volunteer opportunities and my campaign for Grass Valley City Council.

My decision to run for city council has not changed the fact that I continue to be present for my volunteer responsibilities. I make myself available at least once per week to the voters in Grass Valley at events playfully branded, “Java and Juice with Jerri.” I have attended every Grass Valley City Council meeting. I have attended events hosted by both major political parties.

I have participated in and enjoyed local community events.

Why do you care what I do with my time? You may care because while I have been at City Council meetings, community events and serving my community, I am looking for other candidates. Vice Mayor Jason Fouyer is always present at council meetings and contributes significantly to the running of our city. However, voters should remember we have two more candidates involved in this race. I find myself looking for them and wondering why they aren’t present at meetings to learn the topics being addressed by the council and preparing to fit into the dynamics with existing council members. I believe it is necessary for me to understand these things work to make important, positive contributions. Do others assume they have the answers already?

People want to do business with people they know, like and trust. As a matter of fact, there are networking groups built around that very premise. People also want to vote for people they know, like and trust. People serving as leaders in the community want to work with people they know, like and trust.

Does finger-pointing, name-calling and stereotyping create leadership voters can know, like and trust? Do voters want to put their trust and representation into someone who is known for building more obstacles than bridges? Do current council members want to sit at the table with candidates who have either ignored them or degraded them up to the time of election?

I believe that the voters in Grass Valley deserve representation from a candidate who has served both businesses and individuals in the community. I know that Grass Valley voters deserve a candidate who will listen to their concerns and be willing to provide answers when they ask questions. I believe Grass Valley voters will trust a candidate with a history of bringing people together to accomplish goals and create positive impact.

I challenge others running for a seat on Grass Valley City Council to attend our council meetings. I invite them to join me for coffee so we can sit and discuss the issues facing Grass Valley, such as the current fire chief crisis; the potential for bringing high-speed Internet to the area; the need to generate a positive presence in our parks so our families and children can play there without worrying about unsavory activity dampening their enjoyment.

We can talk about smart development and how to attract more tech companies and complementary businesses to Grass Valley.

Now is the time for principled pragmatic leadership on Grass Valley City Council, leadership that will work to propel Grass Valley into the future while still cherishing our legacy. Grass Valley voters deserve better than candidates entering into games of name-calling, mud slinging and accusations. It is our job as candidates to provide positive options and campaigns built on experience and ideas. As a nonpartisan elected position, a seat on Grass Valley City Council should be occupied by someone who understands the importance of representing the voters and not used for a personal agenda or a platform for political rhetoric.

I encourage the voters of Grass Valley to take advantage of the opportunities they are provided to meet their candidates by attending forums, coffees and the meetings where their candidates and leadership are present.

I ask each qualified resident of Grass Valley to register to vote, if they have not already. I implore the voters of Grass Valley to vote by mail or at the polls on Nov. 4 for the leaders they believe are best for the future of Grass Valley.

Jerri Glover, who lives in Grass Valley and is the incoming chair for the Greater Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce, is a candidate for Grass Valley City Council.

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