‘No Violation of Davis-Sterling’ — LWA President | TheUnion.com

‘No Violation of Davis-Sterling’ — LWA President


By Jack Valentine, President LWA Board of Directors

Point of Clarification Re: March 6 Message from the LWA Board of Directors

Upon asking for a legal opinion from Lake Wildwood’s counsel, Curt Sproul, in reference to the article regarding Dogs in the Parks published in TWI on March 2,. 2018, Curt responded by indicating the Committee is not in violation of the Davis Stirling Act by taking a position on the vote regarding allowing dogs in the parks. Mr. Sproul advised the best course of action to resolve the issue is to allow the Dog Club to have equal representation in TWI. TWI has been contacted and it will provide the Dog Club with front page exposure in their next edition.
One final point of clarification is that under no circumstance should a Committee Chair or member speak on behalf of the Board or the Association. This point was not breached in the Parks and Recreation article.

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