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My Pet

So many of my friends and neighbors have pets that they love to share stories about, show photos, etc. Well, I guess I kinda have a pet also. It is my Deebot; you know that little machine that runs around the house cleaning the floors and carpets.

Now why would I consider this my pet? Well, for starters, it seems alive and has a mind of its own.

As it moves through the house picking up all of the dust and debris brought in on the bottom of shoes, it will also pick up pillows, wires, lightweight carpets and anything in its path. So each day, you have to prepare for its launch but making sure all of your charger, computer, and lamp cords are off the ground.

You also have to close doors to closets and areas that have things on the floor because they will definitely be re-arranged by this little pet.

Like having a pet, when you plan to leave the house, you need to make sure that the Deebot is in the off position and not going to run around the house unsupervised. I came home one day to find that my pet was dragging around a lamp that I thought was out of reach. It found a way in and devoured the cord.

I do clean and bathe it on a regular basis, and it never struggles and spews water all over the place. It does seem to hum better after a good cleaning. Hmmm

So you see, it needs all of the care and caution that any live pet would need. You just can’t assume that it is just a mechanical apparatus that can be left to its own devices (just like a pet)

Now, I am not saying that I don’t like this little guy. It works wonders on keeping the floors dirt free. I hesitate, however, to take photos to show off my little pet to my friends.



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