Moving beyond your limiting thoughts |

Moving beyond your limiting thoughts

Even in the best of times, life can sometimes seem like a struggle. Our negative thought patterns can prevent us from clarifying and achieving what we want out of life. Add a life crisis, such as the loss of a loved one, to the normal inner struggles, and the challenge of living can become overwhelming.

At times like these, we may need more than the sympathetic ear of a good friend. What we really need is, first, a guide through our grief or other emotional struggles and, ultimately, a complete reassessment of life and a redirection of our thoughts and efforts toward new dreams, new reasons for living.

At times like these, life coaching can help. A life coach comes alongside of us and guides us as we work through our difficulties, assessing our thinking patterns, and developing new healthy ways of thinking and pursuing our dreams.

Patricia Johnston-Casserly of Purple Lotus Coaching offers help to guide you through such challenging times, either in one-on-one coaching sessions or group classes. Patricia’s method is based on a curriculum from the Institute for Excellence in Coaching (, a life coaching institute that is accredited by the International Coaching Federation. The title implies the profound nature of the IPEC coaching content.

IPEC, an international coach certification organization ( The title implies the profound nature of the IPEC coaching content: “The Law of Being—a Complete System for Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential.” This curriculum includes a “Law of Being” workbook, a matching journal, an “Energy Leadership” textbook, and 12 audio CDs. Together these materials introduce and guide you to incorporate concepts that can change the day-to-day reality of your life, helping you see how you can become a happier, more fulfilled person and achieve the goals and purposes of your life.

“The Law of Being” was written by Bruce Schneider, a highly successful businessman, consultant and life coach who discovered techniques for shedding negative thoughts and adopting positive thought patterns and attitudes that produce higher levels of success and personal peace. Bruce includes information and exercises in the first third of the workbook to help you assess who you are now and what quality your thoughts and attitudes habitually take. The middle third teaches you a new, more positive way to be. The last third offers exercises to help you envision your own best life and incorporate new thought patterns into how you live and think.

Patricia leads you through your 50-minute phone sessions, walking through the workbook and asking you questions about the material that you covered in the exercises. Depending on your needs, she may stick fairly closely to the material, or she may use the material as a springboard for a deeper talk that addresses your particular needs.

The material can operate on any level you like and go only as deep as your comfort level, or it can be very challenging. The universal nature of the information enables you to adapt it to whatever endeavors most interest you, and Patricia helps in that regard as she gains insight into your interests and preferences.

So what are some concrete examples that may help you get more of a feeling for this new thought system? Here’s one: The first exercise is called “Who Are You Being Now?” It asks you to list all the roles you play such as spouse, parent, worker, friend, sibling, child and so on. It then asks you to look at how each role holds you back from reaching your full potential. It further asks what changes you can make in each role to move you closer to your potential. Clearly, this can be challenging, but right from the start, you can see the material guiding you to take charge of your life and take positive action to become the person you want to be.

The entire workbook follows that pattern, working through many different areas of your life and providing helpful information to encourage change, followed by questions and an opportunity for journaling to examine how you’re behaving or thinking now and how you can become more fully the person and life you envision.

By the time you are finished with the course, you’ve examined yourself and your situations thoroughly and come up with your own guided solutions for realizing what you want to do and become.

If you believe you can benefit from life or grief coaching to regain a clearer sense of what you would like your life to be, call Patricia for a free introductory session. She is caring, supportive, encouraging and a trustworthy guide. With her encouragement, you can take exciting steps toward a more fulfilling life.

You can reach Patricia at or call 530-478-5846.

Chuck Petch lives in Alta Sierra.

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