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Misguided Israeli policies

This letter is in response to the pro-Palestinian political group who often submits articles to this newspaper.

Every time I have read one of their submissions, Israel is portrayed as the tormentor and the party responsible for all of the problems of the Palestinian people.

This is interesting because one could easily argue over the events of the last 66 years and find plenty of blame to go around, starting with the British.

However, I am not here to defend Israel. On the contrary, I am one who agrees with the Palestinians that all of their problems are because of the misguided Israeli’s policies in regards to conducting and concluding of wars.

… it is naive to think that there is a diplomatic solution when both sides are blinded by immense hatred.

Throughout history, in every part of the world and in every culture, religion and race, when war is entered into, to the victor goes the spoils.

This means that when Israel was attacked in 1967 and 1973 and defeated their enemies, they should have acted as all nations and all victors before them have acted. They should have exiled anyone in their country who did not want to be a part of the new Israel.

They would have been well-advised to force any Arabs who would not pledge allegiance to leave the country immediately.

Harsh? Uncivilized? Barbaric? Of course it is harsh, uncivilized and barbaric! It is exactly what the outcome of war is all about.

If you do not wish to suffer the devastating effects of war, don’t start one! Israel was attacked and won. By trying to “be nice” and because they worried about world opinion, they put themselves in the position they are in today.

Go to war and lose, and you pay the price. No doubt the world would have cast dark shadows on Israel for exiling their internal enemies. So what? Are the Jews any more loved today because they did not exile their internal enemies?

Usually, when countries go to war the losers suffer. When Israel goes to war and wins, the Israelis suffer. This is because the people of Israel care too much about world opinion when they should care more about protecting their own children. The Israelis should have had the courage to ignore world opinion.

When has the world held the Jews close to their hearts? Why worry about the opinion of those who hate you?

The people of Israel would show wisdom if they pointed out to their detractors how all other countries act when they go to war. During World War II, did the British meekly accept German rocket attacks? Ask the people of Dresden.

Did America worry about Japanese children when they used the bomb to end the war? Did the Romans, the Persians, the Ottomans, the French, the British or any other country warn their enemies in advance of an attack?

Other than America, when a country goes to war and wins, do they give back the land they won?

I have worked in Israel and other Middle Eastern countries since 1994. I missed being blown up in a bus in Ramat Gan by 10 minutes. I saw the bodies of men, women and children.

I have Arab customers who have lost loved ones and I truly understand the hatred both sides possess. Or better said, I understand the hatred that possesses anyone who has lost a loved one in this terrible Middle Eastern tragedy.

That being said, it is naive to think that there is a diplomatic solution when both sides are blinded by immense hatred.

We have had the best diplomats working on the problem for 64 years and no one has ever figured out how to solve the problem.

We have had Democratic presidents, Republican presidents and who knows how many Israeli and Arab leaders trying to solve the situation.

The UN has proven to be useless and no religious leaders have had any luck stopping the killing. This is why I believe that a country should only enter a war when they have exhausted every other possibility.

However, if you do enter into war, win it, and make sure your enemy will never, ever have the chance to attack you again.

When a country does not follow this course, peace will never be, and death and disaster will become the norm.

Louis Pearl lives in Grass Valley.

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