Men’s 9-Hole Club — Smoke Gets in Your Eyes |

Men’s 9-Hole Club — Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

By Jim Moss


The sun setting the night before our Smoke in Your Eyes Tournament was a bright orange ball, showing the effects of our northern California wildfires and its smoke, but our golf tourney carried on Aug. 21.
Of our total membership, only 36 entered, probably reflecting the inhospitality of the weather conditions. Actually, it was fairly pleasant playing the course that day anyhow.
When our “crack team” of Tournament committee members — Tom Lalli, Colin Phillips and Rick Kahil — figured out the scores, this was the outcome:
First Flight (TAS range 42–45): First Place, Chuck Cavalli, score 38; Second Place, Tim Lawver, 40; Third Place, Andy Nichols, 41; Fourth Place, Joe Mutascio, 42.
Second Flight (TAS range 46-48): First Place, Jim Nielsen, 41; Second Place, Mark Malak, 43; Third Place (tie), Rick Kahil, Bill Stamatis, Bob Munson, 45.
Third Flight (TAS range 48.5–52): First Place, Ron Spooner, 44; Second Place, Lou Lawver, 48; Third Place (tie), Jim Moss, Pat Macias, 49.
Fourth Flight (TAS range 52.5­–60): First Place, John Cicero, 45; Second Place, Roger Beilman, 49; Third Place, Bob McCartney, 50; Fourth Place, Courtney Tremaine, 52.
Tournament Highlights:
There were 36 entrants — 20 players shot below their TAS, 12 played above their TAS and four matched their TAS.
John Cicero scored a 45 — 15 strokes below his TAS!
Congratulations to Chuck Cavalli for shooting the lowest round of the day — 38!
Congrats to all the winners. Chuck Cavalli shot a 38, which is first place in the first flight and a great score. Evidently the smoke didn’t bother Chuck at all.
There were a number of excellent scores recorded this day. Take an example of John Cicero (who has a total average score of 52.2 to 60), who scored a 45. That’s 15 strokes better than his normal average. We’ll keep an eye on John from now on.
The TAS, total average score, is the Niners’ answer to the handicap. To play in any of the tournaments, a player must submit a TAS to have a basis to evaluate how he competes with everyone else. It’s the player himself who declares what his TAS is at the beginning of the year.
According to Bob Martin, Membership chairman, we presently have 112 Men Niners. Russ Tonda joined in August, so seek him out and welcome him to the friendliest golf club in Lake Wildwood. The motto of the Men Niners is: “Take the game seriously but not ourselves.”
From time to time, we are going to feature one of our members and give a background bio on his life and how he contributed to the Club and community. By featuring a certain member of the Niners, we hope to encourage others in Lake Wildwood to join our club. By seeing someone with a similar background and other common hobbies, others may gain new interest in golf and the club.
Our first candidate is Steve Berry, former captain of the Niners and a friend to all. Steve was born in Montgomery, Alabama. You may ask how that could be, because he doesn’t have a southern drawl. His mother was a Marine stationed there. When he was a baby, Steve, mother and step-dad moved to Monrovia in southern California and then on to Hemet, California, in the high desert. He completed high school in Hemet in 1964. After that he enrolled in junior colleges, Mt. Lassen and San Jacinto, which allowed him to further his education.
About that time Uncle Sam wanted to draft Steve, but with an eye on his mother’s service, Steve thought it wiser to join the Marine Corps. Steve spent 21 months in Vietnam and came back in the service to San Diego.
A girl named Janna, who he first met in high school, happened to be working in San Diego, where they reconnected their friendship. This led to marriage five months later.
After Sergeant Berry was discharged, he enrolled at UC Davis and got his degree in business, then on to a career, working for the next 35 years for Del Monte, where he worked with their cannery operations in many locations.
Steve and Janna have two children, a boy and a girl (both of whom are teachers), and six grandchildren. He also has a number of relatives who also live in Lake Wildwood. It seems when one moves in, they infect others to come on up, and right now about 12 known relatives live in our fair community. If Steve wanted to run for mayor, he got at least 12 votes.
Steve loves golf, photography, long-distance bicycling and camping.
He has put his interest to work in many ways in our community. He worked on committees with our new clubhouse, being the official photographer on most events and donating time and talent on any job needing to be done. If you need something done, ask a busy man to do it, and that’s our Steve.

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