Men’s 9-Hole Club — Scrambling to Scramble |

Men’s 9-Hole Club — Scrambling to Scramble

By Jim Moss

On Tuesday, Sept. 25, the Men Niners had a Scramble Tournament. Not your ordinary scramble, mind you, but one with specific unorthodox rules.
Mike Baca, with his long experience in setting unusual parameters, decided he’d like to really challenge the players by choosing the worst shot on two holes as the place where the next shot is played. Unusual, yes. Rewarding bad play, yes. Mike claims the devil made him do it.
Anyhow, the Niners went on to play with smiles on their faces because the rules were so strange. After all, the Niners were determined to have fun at all costs.
Some of us had to spend a lot of time explaining the rules to hard-headed Ed Lauchner. Ed promised to buy all of us a drink at the 19th Bar if we made him understand it. We weren’t sure he truly understood anyhow.
Here is the outcome of our Four Man Scramble, Mike Baca version
Dennis Rough 1st Place
John Cicero 60 36
Bob Riopel 50
Courtney Tremaine 66
Chuck Cavalli 44 2nd Place
Tom Knoflick 48 38
Jim Neilson
Bob Welti
Ed Lauchner 46 3rd Place (tie)
Bill Mann 47.5 39
John Vogel 51
Bob McCartney 52.5
Bernie Scalisi 45
Barna Szabo 48
Jim Moss 51
Pablo Velasco 54
Joe Mutascio 44
Kurt Schlageter 48
Milo Schmidt 50
Roger Beilman 54
Baca, Mike 42.5 6th Place (tie)
Gagelin, Ric 49 40
Utermoehlen, Ric
Stratman, Mike

Sponsler, Andy
Martin, Bob 49
Nelson, Dave
Grimshaw, Jim 59
Munson, Bob 46.5
Gonzaga, Chito 47
Galitello, David 52
Barbour, Leo

Congratulations to all our winners.
Thirty-two players won money at the Pro Shop, which means most everyone who played was a winner. Now that’s Golf Democracy.
Bernie Scalisi has a beef with his golf partner, Jim Grimshaw. It seems Jim uses duct tape to keep his golf club grips playable. When asked whether they were slippery, Jim says he then uses sandpaper to rough them up. Bernie’s reaction to this home-style solution was complete frustration. Lake Wildwood’s course is too fancy for such questionable conduct. It all worked out — Bernie and Jim are still partners.
Just last week, Sept. 18, the Men’s Niners had our Fall Social at Hideaway Park. Seventy Niners and their better halfs showed up for a delightful evening of libations (provided by the Club) and many tasty treats, provided by the ladies. Steve Berry, past captain, handled the arrangements because our current leader, Bill Mann was away. There was no formal agenda, and all present appreciated that Steve Berry did not regal us with a golf joke. Thanks, Steve, for a great time.
A new member joined us this past month. Say hello to Bernie Theobald when you see him. Don’t confuse him with Bernie Scalisi — the Niners can only tolerate one Bernie Scalisi. Oh, by the way, have other aging Niners noticed the course seems to have gotten longer lately? Enjoy the game anyway.

(Another email with a photo of the Social)

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