Men’s 18-Hole — Great Golf in Lake Wildwood |

Men’s 18-Hole — Great Golf in Lake Wildwood

By Jim Voss

Success! Another winter of golf completed. We've traded out rain gear for shorts, stocking caps for wide-brim hats; no more cart covers, cart path only and "lift clean and place." Isn't spring grand?
The course looks great, greens are running smooth and fast; everything we love about spring is here for golfers. No more whining about how bad the course was this winter. All is forgotten as we get those rounds in while the warm weather lasts. Life is good here in Lake Wildwood.
Isn't it amazing how "bright" some people's legs are in shorts? Whew, glad we are getting some sun! Yes, our fees went up but it is still the best deal in the area. Visitors are already raving about how great the course looks and plays.
The new tee time system is now fully operational. The Jonas system works well but we still have a few kinks to iron out. If you haven't ventured into it yet, please do so. Of course it is different than the old Chelsea system but a definite improvement. You will need to check out your partner's "real" name in some cases, as Bud, Chuckie, Jimmy, John, Jim-Bob and Hal might really be Virgil, James, Charles, Harold, Kenneth or some other name previously unknown. Of course you will have to sign in on the new website to get there!
The Men's Club is in full swing, with 305 members as of June 1. The tournaments are gaining players and the "Bartlett Cup" is getting attention.
By the way, you can now find the results of all tournaments and the standings for the Bartlett Cup on the new website, courtesy of Darrell Hendricks, our great techno guy.
Jeff Davis has done another great job of organizing our tournaments, with two options each month. By the time of this publication, the Men's Invitational will have been completed; results will be in the next TWI.
Congratulations to the winners of the Spring Match Play. This year we had five flights of eight teams, sorted by handicap, competing over the three-week tournament; that's 80 golfers this year in the event.
Flight 1: 1st–2nd, TBD Nelson/Vogel vs Avery/Knight; 3rd, Dolan/Marino.
Flight 2: 1st, Twohig/Voss; 2nd, Campbell/Diamond; 3rd, Rough/Turzak.
Flight 3: 1st, Mckee/Naillon; 2nd, Marenco/Pucci; 3rd, Baca/Hendricks.
Flight 4: 1st, Nichols/Willard; 2nd, Bartlett/Murphy; 3rd, Folda/Hendricks.
Flight 5: 1st, Nolle/Vander Plaats; 2nd, Black/McCauley; 3rd, Rich/Zimlinghaus.
Check the flyer for the July tournament in the Pro Shop, the website or your email. Sign up and play well. Hope you are looking forward to great warm weather golf. And yes, Harry Diamond really did complain that his shoes got wet for the first time this year when he returned from Arizona. Poor fella!

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