Mailbox Vandalism in Lake Wildwood |

Mailbox Vandalism in Lake Wildwood

Public Safety Committee

By John Ewald

You may have seen the most recent proposed changes to the Security Rules in the last issue of the TWI. They relate to gate access (entry into Lake Wildwood). These sections were mostly over 30 years old. They have been revised by this committee to reflect current population and enforcement needs. The LWA Board has reviewed them and they will soon be adapted by the Board. Those of you who attended one or more of the town hall forums heard them discussed.
The revised rules will require residents to annually list and update their vehicles with the LWA. Decals which are no longer authorized will be de-activated. LWA members were asked to update their currently owned vehicles when they paid assessments in June. Each lot will be allowed two vehicle decals (bar codes) free. Each resident may also obtain two LW ID cards, which will also activate the gate arms. Additional decals or ID cards may be obtained for family members and/or residents, residing in a LW home, for a fee. Renters may also obtain the same.
Residents will be required to list each vehicle’s owner and address information.
The revised rules will help eliminate vehicles no longer owned by LW residents and make gate entry more secure.
As before, authorized companies, and their employees such as contractors and real estate agents will still be able to obtain yearly passes by applying through the LWA
Office. Each resident continues to be responsible for any guest or service person that they authorize (“call in”) to enter.
An example of this is a recent Notice of Violation (“NOV”) issued to a resident that went before the hearing board last month. A woman stopped by Stonegate Security for speeding was found to be in LW without authorization. She said she had entered by following behind a male friend who had a LW security code and had given it at the gate. She was issued a NOV. She would not identify the male friend.
The resident whose code had been given out was also mailed a NOV and a fine. At the hearing, the resident stated that she did not even know the woman who was caught speeding. It was determined at the hearing the resident had given out her code to an ex boyfriend, who had apparently used it to gain entry. The resident did not feel responsible even though she had allowed someone else access by giving out her code. The hearing board upheld the fines and both the resident and the speeder where assessed fines. The ex boyfriend is in hot water with his former!
Stonegate supervisor Keith Sales reports they are currently attempting to locate
responsible juveniles who have been knocking down mailboxes and committing other
vandalism in the Deer Creek area. Security has taken 7 to 10 reports of downed
mailboxes and a few others are known to have gone un-reported in the Sun Forest
and Jayhawk areas.
Eventually the responsibles will be caught. If your mail box has been damaged,
make a report to security and note the time and date. If you have information that might
help catch the responsibles, let security know as well.
Sales reports Security officers have began towing unauthorized vehicles
parked at LW parks. Vehicles parked at LW facilities must have either a
barcode decal or a blue guest parking pass displayed on the dash board.
One LW resident was taken into custody by CHP for a DUI, after being stopped
by a security officer for speeding.
The Public Safety Committee (PSC) meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 3:00 P.M. in the Dogwood Room at the Community Center. The next meeting will be September 13. All Lake Wildwood members are invited and encouraged to attend.

Stonegate Statistics for July:
73 Notices of violation for speed

21 Boating / lake violations

33 Reports of various rule violations

23 Reports of a barking dog(s) 5 resulting in citations

20 Reports of a loose dog(s) 3 resulting in citations

20 Responses to suspicious circumstances

13 Parking violations (none towed)

18 Responses to medical aid incidents

22 Public assistance requests

9 Outside agency assists

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