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LWW Neighborhood Group Practices Evacuation Drill

Barbara Tiegs

“We are practicing our MOCK Evacuation Drill today,” explains Barbara Tiegs. Fred Huberty is coordinator of our MOCK Evacuation. He sent a text to everyone this morning saying there are high winds, a Red Flag Warning and that everyone should be ready. Sometime this evening, there will be a text saying that LWW is being evacuated (In real life, we would receive a CodeRED Alert, and everyone contacts each other to make sure they received the CodeRED Alert). We are to load our cars with all appropriate items, and practice a MOCK evacuation. We are literally taking all our stuff (Go bags, Pet Go Bags, etc).

Our team was formed by Ronnie Garcia, our Neighborhood Group Captain. She has worked over this past year helping our neighbors become more educated in Wildfire awareness, Defensible Space/fuels reduction and Evacuation. Many, many thanks to Ronnie for all of her hard work and dedication.

In a previous neighborhood meeting, our group set up all our cell phones so each person can send/receive group texts. This way, we can text each other during an evacuation and hopefully communicate evacuation routes and a safe meeting place. We’re more likely to get texts than phone communication, which could be jammed/backed up during high call times.

“I encourage other Neighborhood Groups to hold their own MOCK evacuation drills,” says Barbara.

For more information on getting ready for Wildfire, see Cal-Fire’s “READY SET GO” Program: http://www.readyforwildfire.org/Ready-Set-Go-Campaign/

Want to start a Neighborhood Group? Contact Jeff Heyser: jeff.heyser@sbcglobal.net

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