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LWA New President, Mike Doscher with Some Thoughts

On July 31, 2018 I had the honor of being elected president of the new Board of Directors for Lake Wildwood. Bambi Flanigan stepped into the president’s role for the last Board when Jack Valentine resigned the position for health reasons. Bambi came up to speed quickly and successfully took the Board through a very difficult time. For the new Board, Bambi was elected vice president and I look forward to her support as we go through the next year. Conni Barker was elected Board secretary and Bob Anderson was elected Board treasurer.
In my role as president, I want to focus the Board’s energy back to the basics.
What does that mean? I am better at communicating around pictures and it saves you reading lots of words. The following is a concept that I have already provided to the Board to start a discussion on our goals.
These four areas are what I see as the basics. These areas are not stand alone but tightly interrelated. The Board can upgrade the picture and hopefully reach consensus, or at least alignment. We can then capture details under the headings that can move down to specific deliverables.
Real simple:
• Watch the money closely
• Expect excellence in operations
• Manage change — don’t let it manage us
• Communicate
The final product will become the foundation for the budget and priority-setting process starting in December. More importantly, it will tie to the objectives set for the Administration over the next year.
Note that communication links across the three major focus areas. Bob Mariani is very supportive of holding informal workshops to gain community input. These might be like the ones that the Public Safety Committee used this year.
Looking for members’ ideas on innovation and change could also be a place to start. The Board has already indicated that it will strongly support the efforts to build a talented bench of knowledgeable members to fill leadership roles and help communicate fact-based information and opinions.
We are also exploring ideas to communicate in real-time fashion using our own version of social media. NextDoor is looking more like a “snow glob” environment and certainly not a fitting place to have the Board exchange information or opinions with members. By offering a capability for members to ask thoughtful questions and offer constructive comments they could expect factual and informative answers back in an open but moderated forum.
Looking back and playing “gotcha” or revising history is just not helpful. Now is the time to unite the members of Lake Wildwood around a vision of achievable goals and then deliver.

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