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Louis Pearl: Palestinians — An inconvenient truth

If you spend a little time and effort, you can find every view, argument and position ever expressed concerning the conflict between the Palestinians and Israeli peoples.

There are compelling and heartbreaking experiences for both sides. As is often the case, no one is without fault in this age old conflict.

Regardless of who you believe, and what side your sympathies fall, there is one undeniable fact that is not in dispute. After the British divided up Palestine, the Arab people in Palestine and the surrounding countries were not happy to see and have a Jewish state in their midst.

So much so, since 1949, a number of wars and Intifadas were fought against Israel to rid the region of the Jews once and for all. Unfortunately, for the Palestinians and Israel haters, Israel won the wars and Israel’s neighbors and the Palestinians are forced to live with this reality.

War and terrorism have not worked for the Palestinians. As bitter a pill it is to swallow, is it time to try the Way of Harmony?

One can go back and forth in heated argument about the intention of the Israeli people towards the possible two-capital solution and self-rule for the Palestinians. And, of course we can debate the Palestinian’s intention for the people of Israel. All of this has been written and spoken about extensively for more than 67 years.

But here is the reality, and the inconvenient truth. Throughout history, and in every corner of the world, whenever two peoples war, the winner makes the rules. As long as the Palestinians are under the rule(s) of the Israeli people they will be forced to comply, or fight a costly battle.

It is true that the Palestinians can wage a war of terror against Israel with some success, but at what price? How has that been working out for them? Are they better off after 67 years of conflict? Are they any closer to defeating the Israelis?

Life for Palestinians sucks. No argument from either side on this fact. With corrupt and incompetent leaders, the Palestinians have been made the fools. They wait and pray for the destruction of Israel. In the meantime, after 67 years of suffering and death, the result is that the Palestinians are now further away from having their own state then they have ever been.

Do the Palestinians really think their chances of success in having their own state have improved in the last 67 years? Do they really believe Israel is going to stop building settlements or abandon the settlements they have already built? As the Palestinian position becomes weaker, their dreams evaporate like morning dew on grass in the hot desert sun.

The great Sage of Taoism, Lao Tsu, said that when a small state is next to a great state, the small state must serve the great state and the great state must care for the small state. This is the Way of Harmony. As long as the Palestinians do not accept this age old wisdom, they will suffer under the whims and fancies of the Israelis.

The Palestinians lost all the wars with Israel. The victors throughout history have been less than kind to those they have defeated. The Palestinians should not be surprised by any injustice done them. Instead, they should do what all wise defeated peoples have done in the past, face reality, and make the best deal you can for your country, your people and for your family.

Perhaps one day, Israel will be destroyed. But you can bet your last shekel, there won’t be any Palestinians left alive to take over what’s left. War and terrorism have not worked for the Palestinians. As bitter a pill it is to swallow, is it time to try the Way of Harmony?

Louis Pearl, G.G., lives in Grass Valley.

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