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Looting the American Dream

The American Dream is a lie, and the corporate elite who run this country are liars. OK, now what? Are you ready to surrender? Have you kissed your corporate king this morning, or have you already been cheated and robbed? Corrupt corporate capitalism demands our ongoing submission to the status quo, our confirmation that everything is all right. In the meantime, corporate attorneys propose and support new laws, defend absurd mega bailouts and continue to loot our public funds. No wonder they keep getting richer and more powerful. Furthermore, corrupt corporate capitalism is nothing new: It has been controlling and stealing America’s natural resources for hundreds of years. It began with tobacco capitalism from England, which not only stole tobacco from America but also enslaved Native Americans to accomplish that theft.

Now, we must deal with the ruthless efficiency of the wealthy and powerful as they hide behind such corporate walls as the Goldman Sachs commodity index, where the costs of food essentials can be manipulated up 200 percent on the global market, which in turn could literally starve out an entire nation. American capitalism clearly redistributes income upward. One percent of the population is holding 25 percent of the wealth and enjoying an 11 percent rise in income. Meanwhile, half of us are experiencing declines in income. If you think the rich and powerful will relinquish their advantage out of compassion, think again. The rich will continue to get richer and the poor get poorer. This is why a revolution is so badly needed.

The revolution will require a complete paradigm shift in thought and belief. We must usher in the change that we so desperately need. Despite all the obstacles, we must realize that we are not powerless over the corrupt corporate destruction of our country.

We must revolt! I’m certainly not suggesting we pick up guns and start killing people. I mean we must make better decisions, such as to whom we give our money and the types of organizations we support. Any type of rebellion, even a single person’s challenge to the ruling corporate authorities, creates a dent in their armor. We must say “No!” to corrupt corporate capitalism. We shall not be sweet-talked or bullied; we shall fearlessly stand our ground.

Any type of rebellion, even a single person’s challenge to the ruling corporate authorities, creates a dent in their armor.

The genuine, authentic revolution of which I speak is the one within each and every one of us: a personal, internal revolution. This means that we take our own power back and stop relying on people who only tell us what we want to hear. We must accept that we cannot change other people, but we can certainly change ourselves. Fear not! The goal must be to go within and find inner truth and, thus, revolutionize our individual consciousness.

Once we become who we are — our authentic selves — we can clearly hear what our souls or psyches are trying to communicate. Through a realization like a meditative state, we can clear the muddied waters of our convoluted thinking. Feeling sorry for ourselves or dwelling on our own misery helps no one, including ourselves. We must keep our individual dreams alive through active visualization to concretize our thoughts into a new reality. Fear is what kills our dreams. When we take a leap of faith and join with our internal soul sisters or brothers, then we enter into a new realm of reality, a reality where we can succeed.

Thomas James Streicher, Ph.D. lives in Nevada City.

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